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Dad And Step-Dad Pose With Daughter Before Father-Daughter Dance And Share A Beautiful Message


It is pretty common to come across a divorced family nowadays.

What is fairly uncommon is to come across a well-functioning and loving, divorced family.

People are quick to judge that divorce can have a pretty harmful effect on children. But the truth is, not every separation has to be painful. Some of them are for the good of everyone involved. And surprisingly, some of them turn out to be even better than expected.

A true example of this is the love between these four people.

Willow Mengon is a child of divorced parents. But there is nothing sad about their story.

In fact, theirs is the happiest and the most unusual family story I’ve ever read about.

Willow Mengon was headed to a father-daughter dance, so mommy Sarah Mengon decided to take some cute photos of the special moment. And then something wonderful happened. The little girl posed next to her dad David Mengon and her mom’s fiancée Dylan Lenox.

Surprisingly, what could have been a potentially strange and uncomfortable situation between them, turned out perfectly good.

The adorable photos went immediately viral and the Facebook post that Dylan shared conveyed a beautiful message about love and acceptance.

They all admitted that the relationship wasn’t always as easy as it is now.

“It was challenging, nothing was easy, but we knew if we wanted to make things work, we needed to swallow any feelings we had for one another and put Willow first,” David Mengon said. “we have molded ourselves into one unique family, if only for the sake of our children to know the power of love.”

Dylan, the stepfather shared the heartwarming moment and the beautiful photographs on Facebook and referred to David and Willow as family. He said that the most important thing in their lives is Willow and that if it weren’t for Sarah’s generous and kind heart, none of that would be real.


David Mengon agreed and encouraged all the parents who struggle to get along with their ex’s new partners to never stop working on that.  He said,

“Put your faith and love ahead of personal feelings. We are the adults and need to remember that.”