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A Dad Gets A Matching Scar Tattoo In Support Of His Cancer-Surviving Child


What won’t we do for our children? We are ready to go to any length to show them our support and we’ll fight to keep them healthy, happy, and safe. So it would come to no surprise that this dad did the best thing he could to provide support to his cancer-surviving son.

Back in 2015, his 8-year-old son Gabriel was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and even though the surgery was a success, Josh Marshall’s son felt terribly uncomfortable with the scar on his head.

“The large scar makes him feel like a monster. He was very embarrassed about the scar” said Josh.

So, to make Gabriel feel more comfortable with himself, Josh tattooed his head with a matching scar tattoo. After enduring such hardship and winning the battle against cancer, this kid definitely deserves the best support!

It’s so inspiring to see so much love and support! Kudos to the lucky son and dad!