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The Dalai Lama Says More Hard Hitting Words About The Mass Brainwashing Of Society


It is no wonder that the 14thDalai Lama of Tibet is often center of attention. Recently, he gave his commentary on the incidents that shook the world, like Paris’ attacks and other terrorist attacks which had left people feeling scared and desperate.

He said that praying to God to save us was ridiculous and it didn’t make sense since those events were started by humans only. People are responsible for all the bleeding that terrorism brought – not God.

His comments went viral along with his advice that this brainwashing of society must stop immediately, and people must realize that war is not an answer in order to change the direction in which our planet seems to be headed.

Dalai Lama writes:

This statement really is a piece of truth. If you think about it, all military organizations exist only to kill people. We are being brainwashed into believing that war is something glorious and glamorous, and going into war is definitely something we should be proud of.

It is true, however, that both men and women who enter the military service do it with a purpose to serve their country and nation, but what they fail to understand is that the whole idea of this international war on terrorism is a pure fabrication. They fight for the wrong ideals. In other words, the enemy they think they are protecting their country from is in fact a product of their own nation.

Dr. Michael Choissudovsky, University of Otawa’s Emeritus Professor of Economics points out that soldiers are brainwashed into thinking that they fight against a real enemy, but what they do not know is that the ‘real’ enemy they fight against is fully supported and financed by the Western military alliance.

Dalai Lama is actually saying that this is exactly why we feel that war is necessary and acceptable course of action – because we are made to believe that we are serving our country.

He continues:


We must put an end to this mass brainwashing and finally stop the killing and war in general. The soldiers must wake up immediately. They need to recognize the fact that it is a human being giving orders to another human being to pull the trigger which kills another human being. And it takes a human being to believe they are doing something marvelous.

This change has to come from within. We are the sole reason why war exists in a first place. We start it, we participate in it, and we prolong it. If every soldier refused to participate in it, there would be no wars.

No matter how evil these dictators that mobilize soldiers and cause international conflicts are, they could not do that and cause the murder of thousands of human lives if they didn’t have a military organization accepted and supported by society.

Many soldiers are starting to wake up and speak up, so we are on to a good start.

Dalai Lama goes on commenting on how expensive war is. We are talking about “thousands of billions of dollars” pure cash poured into the military and also into America’s Defense Department as ex Canadian Minister of Defense points out. This money “had been spent on projects which both the Congress and the Commander in Chief know nothing about.”

Rather than spending it on wars, this money could be spent for noble reasons such as alleviating poverty and hunger on the planet.

The fact is, if we are using money as a tool, why not use it to provide food, shelter and clothing for the less fortunate?

Special thanks to Dalai Lama for his courage to speak up on this problem and sending this essential message to the world!