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The DARK Truth: They Diagnose Indigo Children With ADHD To Stop Them From Evolving

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Indigo children

They are often considered as the generation of children who will help in the advancement of humanity to a higher level. However, this knowledge encourages the elite to stop their mental and spiritual capacities from ever-evolving.

These generations of mentally and spiritually evolved beings are the ones who are to overthrow the dark and manipulative elite that wants to hold humanity in their grasp.

However, to stop them from ever-evolving to their full potential, the elite invented ADHD and mentally degrading medications that go along with this diagnosis. (1)

If your child is diagnosed with ADHD,

you should probably consider looking into this before allowing others to stigmatize them with psychological disorders that don’t exist and chug harmful medications down their throats to stop them from being who they are meant to be.

Who are the Indigo Children?

Although many of the indigo children are now adults, we will refer to them as ‘children’ not because of the age, but because of the distinct features that put them in the term ‘indigo children’.

The indigo children are a generation of people who are born with distinct characteristics. They were often dubbed ‘Children of the Sun’, or ‘Star Children’ throughout the ages and although they’ve been around for thousands of years, these children have begun to emerge increasingly for the last 100 years. (2)

The indigo children possess extraordinary intuitive abilities that help them to understand the world around them in a much clearer way. However, they have a strong warrior-like personality that will not allow being lied to or being manipulated.

This is why they don’t want to comply to a system that is limiting or dysfunctional and they aren’t afraid to show it.

They are very creative and feel oppressed in activities that require little or no creativity. Their high self-esteem and excellent reasoning allow them to feel free to communicate and confront any illogical statements. In fact, they won’t respond to any guilt trips and will require good reasons for whatever they are being told to do.

As StarChildren’s website notes, “They are here to show us that the archaic systems in schools, government, parenting, and healthcare are not healthy and must change or we will continue to fail globally as a civilization.”

These children want to challenge the patterns of traditional thinking and behavior. This is so because indeed many of the rigid patterns of behavior and thinking serve as a means of civilizational degradation and failure.

They come with a set of higher senses and extraordinary abilities, and are connected to a higher plane of consciousness. This is why they are prone to showing impatience and failure to comply to irrational and rigid standards that come with no logical explanation.

The Indigo Children diagnosis, a.k.a. ADHD

Imagine a number of people opposing the traditional ‘because I said so’ response from authorities. This would mean a new age of rationality and thus prosperity, but it would also mean the breaking of many of the currently imposed rules by those who want to stay in power.

This is why, parallel with the emergence of the first big waves of indigo children, the elite have gathered up and created the diagnosis that would put indigo children in a locked box and disable them from ever evolving enough to overthrow the system.

For this, they created the so-called symptoms that would put every indigo child into the ADHD category and created medications that would limit their mental and spiritual abilities and make them comply.

How can they spot the indigo children? Every child needs to go through the educational system which was constructed to limit a person’s creative and imaginative potential and that would teach them how to obey authorities.

This system is of course something indigo children will not stand for. Now a simple question: what do you do when you are forced to listen to things you don’t agree with and made to comply to rules that are not supported by any reasonable explanation?

Imagine a child put through the same thing

– a child being able to see the faults in it and not receive a proper explanation as to why this is so (because there is no logical explanation for that).

They won’t tell these children that they are trying to turn them into compliant citizens that would later allow to be led by the nose and manipulated by politicians and oligarchs.

However, what every child would do in this situation is what the ADHD symptoms describe! If they don’t find the thing they are being made to do as relevant and important, they will certainly be inattentive or even impatient (and thus ‘hyperactive’).

What is more, the educational system that these children are experiencing lacks creative stimulus and imagination. These children are forced to sit in desks and listen to their authority without questioning their approach or reason for being there in the first place.

So how to shut them up and make them sit and listen?

They are being fed Amphetamines and Methylphenidate!

“Stimulant medications including amphetamines (e.g., Adderall) and methylphenidate (e.g., Ritalin and Concerta) are often prescribed to treat children, adolescents, or adults diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD),” states Drugabuse.gov.

Amphetamine is a substance that many people tend to abuse. It is highly addictive and it limits the mental capabilities of a person, blocking out many thought processes and creativity.

In other words, these children are being literally drugged by the same drug that many people are highly addicted to and abuse on a daily basis.

Why? Because amphetamine will put them in a limited mental state where they will follow the flow without being able to think if this is right.

Methylphenidate is no different. It possesses the same limiting effects that will put the mind into a straight line and ‘increase focus’ on things the person is being told to focus on.


The whole system is fighting against the indigo children, and while this may be a natural response from a bunch of under-evolved people who are afraid to be replaced by the better, the indigo children are needed more than ever.

This is why if you or your child are diagnosed with ADHD, know that you have been recognized as a genuine Indigo Child. Instead of feeling stigmatized and dubbed ‘crazy’, you can be thankful for being one of the best things that have happened to this planet.


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