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Girls Who Take A Break From Dating Actually End Up Happier


There is nothing wrong in being single. So, why are so many people desperate to get into a relationship just not to be alone? I have a different opinion when it comes to relationships – one that includes being single as a way of living life at its fullest.

Focusing on yourself is important. Sometimes, this results in not having time for a relationship or even not wanting to date. And that’s okay.

There are girls who decide to be single until they’re in college or even later. I have friends who didn’t want to have a serious relationship until 25, some of them because of bad dates in the past and some who decided to focus on themselves instead.

And there are girls who want to take a break from dating for a different reason. No matter the reason, I salute all the girls who decide to stay away from relationships for a period. It takes courage to do this because there are always people who judge.

Taking a break from dating might seem like a bad idea for some, but it can actually turn out to be the best decision for some.

How many times have you felt like you don’t know what’s good for you? These are the moments when some alone time helps. That’s why girls who decide to take a break from dating end up happier afterwards.

These girls know how to be alone and they have grown to be independent. They are the ones who are the strongest during a crisis and the ones who are the bravest whenever a sacrifice needs to be made for a greater good.

Everyone need some time just for himself/herself. Girls who have decided to take a break from dating have had the time to focus on themselves. As a result, they don’t feel intimidated for their flaws, but they embrace them instead.

They have realized what’s important to them and know that they have to spent time with their friends and family. They are bold in making decisions about their future and don’t hesitate to use every chance they get. They are dreamers and they are brave enough to follow their dreams.

They don’t need a man to tell them what to do or how to live their life because they are independent and they have the confidence which is needed to succeed.

They end up happier because they respect themselves and are respected in return. Later, in a relationship, they know that love is much more than feeling butterflies in the stomach. They are aware that relationships also demand commitment and support.

These girls will never be in a relationship just not to be alone. They’re not afraid to be single and don’t care if they never get married because they know how to enjoy being alone. They are not desperate to find someone and don’t make mistakes because of that.

But when they find someone and decide to start dating again, they know it’s someone who is worth the time. They know that it’s someone who will make their life better and that will support them in everything. These girls want someone beside them who is a dreamer, just as they are.

They wouldn’t change themselves for anyone in the world and they don’t want to change others. They need inspiration and support and they will find someone who will give them that.

These girls want someone who will not make them lose their sense of individuality. So, their special someone will only push them forward. And this someone will only make them happier, although they are happy as they are.