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Dear Future Boyfriend: Let Me Be Your Lover And Your Best Friend


June 25, 2018

Dear future boyfriend,

I neither know how to start this letter, nor how it will end. However, I’m sure I don’t want just to be your lover; I want to be your best friend.

Take my hand and lead me to the dance floor. Let us play football and don’t get mad when I will score. Let us ride a bicycle; I’d like to feel the wind playing with my hair…climbing the highest mountain together, enjoying some fresh air.

Let us stay awake until 3 AM, watching the stars, waiting for the Northern light to appear, cuddling and sharing our dreams, deepest secrets and fears. Keep me close to your heart, wrap your arms around me and all my worries will disappear.

Hold me tight when the whole world seems to fall apart; I want to feel safe in your arms…I want to lead you to the beauty of my heart.

Hey gorgeous, I want you to know: sometimes, I’m selfish and I like spending my time alone. Yes, I make mistakes, and often, I’m out of control. I’m really hard to handle at times…but I will never let your hand; I will always be your best partner is crimes.

Yes, I’m wild, but my heart is gentle and soft. Deep inside, I feel you’re the one I’m waiting for; someone whom I’d be proud of.

Let me be your lover and your best friend. Let me get to know you better, lend an ear and a helping hand.

I will love you just the way you are, with all your weaknesses and flaws. I will hold your eyes in mine. I don’t want to fall asleep mad after a fight; let us hug and share a sweet kiss for a good night.

I will hold your hand and walk beside you through dark storms. I will dance with you in the cold rain. I will make you smile and take away the pain.

When I love, I love with mind, heart, body, and soul. My love is not perfect, but I will love you in thousands of perfect ways, be sure.

Let us go on an adventurous ride, enjoying together this miracle called life.

I see my future in your eyes. Yes, you’re worth waiting for, I knew from the start; I’ll love you forever, with all my soul and heart.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Your bestie and a passionate lover