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Dear God, I Have No Clue What The Future Has In Store For Me, But I Have Faith In You


There is no way for me to know what the future has in store for me. I can guess, but I will never find out until it happens. I am right here, pressing my way through life, fighting the odds, overcoming the obstacles and trying hard not to go completely mad.

And it is pretty hard.

I am exhausted. I feel tired. My brain does not function the way it used to. My thoughts are confusing me. My soul is weeping. My heart has barely any hope left to hold on to. It’s truly difficult.

I am tired of failures. I am tired of mistakes. I am tired of chasing. I am tired of wrong choices. I am tired of unlearnt lessons. I am tired of the same damn roads. I am exhausted beyond words.

It’s not that I am completely lost. I pray. I try hard not to lose those last hopes. I want to believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

But somehow, I feel that I am in the dark.

I have no idea if you’ll test me or help me.

I have no idea if you’ll answer my prayers or just ignore them.

I have no idea if this is the end of my struggles or just the beginning.

There is no way to find out what you’re planning for me. All I can do is wait, hope for a miracle and make my journey worthwhile. Those are the only things that I have under control.

Everything else is up to you.

I’ve done my best to handle the things that are happening to me right now. I’ve done my best to connect all the dots and decipher all the signs that you’ve been sending to me all along. At least I think I did. I feel that way. But there is no denying that I am genuinely tired.

I have no strength left in me to keep walking those rocky roads. I need to rest.

That is why I am surrendering to you. I accept everything that comes my way, whether it’s bad or good because I know that whatever it is, it will be a valuable lesson for me. It will give me a certain direction. 

I have faith in you, dear God. I am counting on you to make the right choice for me.

I don’t know what tomorrow might bring, but I am ready to accept everything that you give me. I am ready to face the challenges you have for me.

Because I know that I will be fine. I know that you will always be by my side. I know that your love will help me get through everything. I know that you will be my guide, my light in the dark. I know that everything will turn out to be for my own good.

And I know that it will all be well, even if I don’t get what I wanted.

Because every experience that you give me is exactly what I need at that the moment.

I have no clue what life has planned for me, but I am putting my trust in you and I know that you would never ever disappoint me.

Give me everything that you think I need in my life. Help me find my way.