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Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome: Things to Understand


There is always an important scientific reason as to why some people are unable to sleep at night. The scientific term for this condition is the delayed sleep phase syndrome. It is a unique sleep disorder within your body, in which the body clock is unable to function in a proper manner. The main problem, which is associated with this syndrome, is that people find it extremely difficult to get up in the morning when everyone is ready for their regular activities. This is one of the most common syndromes that are affecting the teenagers as well as young adults. Doctors can advise you to go through the sleep disorder test and understand if you are going through this syndrome.

What is the delayed sleep phase syndrome?

Circadian rhythm is a common term, which most of the people have heard about. It is related to when you are falling asleep and when you are waking up. This circadian rhythm is considered to be a part of the natural clock of your body, which is capable of regulating wakefulness and sleepiness.

People who have a delayed sleep phase syndrome do not have the proper circadian rhythm. They remain wide awake even after going to bed and they tend to remain tired for almost the rest of the day. According to www.universityhealthnews.com, 15% of the total adolescents are known to go through this syndrome. Various studies have suggested that this syndrome is the result of the over adjustment of the change of the circadian rhythms, which normally starts after an individual hits puberty.

Symptoms associated with the syndrome

It is true that it can be a conscious decision of staying up late, texting or talking over the phone, watching TV, fidgeting with your phone for a long time, but you need to understand that the teenagers who have the syndrome are fighting the natural desire of the body to get the required amount of sleep. A common symptom, which is associated with this condition, is the inability of falling asleep at the normal time. This is normally accompanied by poor sleep, which also involves the difficulty of waking up or results in daytime sleepiness.

There is no other problem that is associated with this syndrome. Even if you were suffering from this condition, you are going to sleep fine as soon as you are falling asleep. The only problem that you are going to face is that you will not receive enough sleep, which is mandatory to keep yourself healthy.

Treatment of this syndrome

It is true that this syndrome has no cure but this condition can be managed in an effective manner by taking the assistance of the light therapy. It is crucial that you are exposed to bright light in the daytime and dim the lighting for restoring the circadian rhythms.


If your school or work starts late and you are getting enough sleep, this syndrome is not going to be a problem. However, if the syndrome is interfering with the daily routine that you have, it is crucial that you consult with a sleep specialist for managing it.