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Dental Implants from as Low as £440 per Tooth


Of all of the available procedures for lost or damaged teeth, dental implants are certainly up there as one of the most popular. Dental implant surgery is also, unfortunately, one of the most expensive too, however, especially if looking to undergo the procedure in the UK, as there’s a fair amount of work involved.

This doesn’t have to be the case though, and with an all-inclusive dental implants Turkey treatment plan, you can not only stand to save thousands of pounds per tooth, but you can also take advantage of many great benefits you’ll only get to enjoy when you choose Turkey as the destination for your treatment.

To start with though, let’s break the procedure down and take a simple and quick look over what the dental implant surgery procedure itself entails.

The first step of the dental implant procedure is to install the implant itself, which is a small titanium screw that’s installed deep into the jawbone. As it heals and fuses with the surrounding tissues (through a process known as osseointegration), it provides a strong root for the rest of the dental implant. In some cases, a patient may not have a sufficient enough amount of jawbone mass to house the titanium screw, though this doesn’t mean that dental implant surgery won’t be possible. In cases such as these, a bone graft procedure will need to be performed first to ensure the osseointegration process can properly do its work.

The next part of the procedure is to install a small abutment on top of the titanium screw. This essentially works as a small connection piece that allows the screw to be attached to the third and final part, the crown.

Bespoke porcelain or ceramic crown is placed neatly on top of the abutment and the titanium screw and serves as the tooth itself. Porcelain and ceramic crowns are incredibly robust, and once all is put together and given time to heal, work no differently from any other healthy natural tooth.

Now that we’ve gone over the procedure, it’s easy to see how the cost can start to add up. A number of procedures will be required for dental implant surgery, as you’ll need time to heal between each step of the process. With everything considered, the typical cost of dental implant surgery in the UK stands between £2,000 and £2,500 per tooth, in addition to further costs for consultations with your dental surgeon, medications, and post-operative care. If you’re having a number of dental implants fitted, this can very quickly add up to something incredibly costly.

By choosing to undergo your dental implant surgery in Turkey, however, you could receive the same great treatment—and from some of the world’s premier dental surgeons—with prices starting from as low as £440 per tooth, including all costs for consultations, medications, and post-operative aftercare. This isn’t all though, as your all-inclusive dental implants treatment package will also include your stay in luxury 5* accommodation over the course of two separate trips, your own VIP transfer driver to collect you from the airport and take you everywhere you need to go, a designated patient coordinator to help you with everything you need and ensure that everything goes swimmingly while you’re in Turkey, and your own personal English speaking translator to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Now, while all this sounds amazing, you’re perhaps starting to think that it’s maybe a little too good to be true. After all, when the procedure alone costs thousands of pounds more in the UK, how can Turkey do it so cheaply as to include so many other great bonuses without having any effect on quality? Well, there are a number of reasons why Turkey can keep surgery prices so low while maintaining such high standards of care.

Firstly, it’s a simple fact that the dental clinics in Turkey aren’t as reliant on seeking such high profits as those in the UK are. The cost of labor is much lower in Turkey, as is the cost of medications and other factors that any business will need to consider. This allows them to pass the savings onto their patients. The UK is one of the most expensive countries in the world, and this pushes a need for all businesses to make the highest profits they possibly can in order to stay afloat.

Secondly, the exchange rate between the Turkish Lira and the British Pound is incredibly favorable, with £1 having the buying power of almost 10 Lira. While currency conversions are often swings and roundabouts, in this instance it’s another factor that helps keep the cost of your dental implant surgery down.

Finally, dental surgery, along with other forms of elective surgery such as cosmetic surgery or laser eye surgery, plays a huge part in Turkey’s economy. Thousands of people travel to Turkey each year for all manner of procedures, and since all of this cosmetic tourism does so much for the country’s economy, the Turkish government has seen fit to provide the industry with subsidies for a number of years now, in a bid to further help prices remain low and encourage more and more visitors each and every year.

At the end of the day, our teeth are important for a number of reasons, both practical and cosmetic. So if you’ve recently lost or damaged a tooth and you think dental implant surgery could be the procedure to help you recapture your smile, then get in contact with us today for a free quote, and we’ll get straight to work on putting together your bespoke all-inclusive dental implants Turkey treatment package.