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Dental Implants in Turkey: Understanding the Time Frame

Dental Implants

Dental implant procedure duration and stages in Turkey

Dental implants are a modern and effective method of replacement of lost teeth. Recently, more and more people are applying to install implants abroad, and Turkey is becoming a popular place for such a procedure. How does the dental implant procedure work in Turkey? 

1) Doctors conduct comprehensive diagnostics and planning before starting the process.

2) With the help of a special tool, implants are inserted into the bone hole of the patient’s jaw, this procedure takes about 1-2 hours.

3) After that, you have to wait several months (usually 12 weeks) to heal and coagulate the jawbone around the implant.

4) The implants are then fitted with special crowns. The prosthetic tooth is a model based on the patien’s occlusion of teeth. 

So the process of installing dental implants in Turkey usually takes several days. However, a patient may require several visits to install a complete prosthesis.

Recovery time for dental implants in Turkey

 Some useful tips for successful recovery after the installation of dental implants in Turkey: 

1) Follow the doctor’s instructions. The doctor will provide you with specific advice and instructions on the care of the implants and the wound.

2) Proper nutrition. Follow the doctor recommended diet and avoid hard food at first. Gradually inject solid food when the wound fully heals.

3) Maintain good oral hygiene. Regularly brush your teeth and prostheses using a soft toothbrush and special products.

4) Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. These can delay healing and increase the risk of complications.

5) Proper maintenance of the prosthesis. Follow doctor’s advice on cleaning and using prostheses to ensure their durability and functionality.

 It is possible to return to normal life after the implant installation after 3-7 days, if all recommendations of the doctor have been fulfilled correctly.

Efficiency of Turkish dental clinics

The level of service provided by clinics in Turkey is often accompanied by additional services such as transfers, counseling and accommodation. This allows patients to comfortably and effectively undergo treatment without unnecessary hassle.

Turkey is famous for its high level of medical care and modern clinics equipped with advanced technologies. Doctors are highly qualified and many have received international training. In addition, the price of dental implants in Turkey is significantly lower than in many other countries.

If you plan to replace lost teeth, Turkey can be a good option for obtaining high-quality and cost-effective dental care especially with service provided by professionals from Plastic Surgery Turkey Group https://plasticsurgeryturkeygroup.com/us/dental.

Patient experiences with dental implant timelines in Turkey 

Patients reflect the positive experience they have had with dental implants in Turkey. They emphasized professionalism and care of their doctors, quick recovery and quality of work. Patients choosing Turkey to install dental implants can expect a high level of dental care, modern technology and maximum comfort during the procedure. 

Installation and recovery time after implantation varies for each patient, and the only way to plan your visits to Turkey is to contact your dentist in Turkey in Plastic Surgery Turkey Group https://plasticsurgeryturkeygroup.com/us/dental.

We strongly recommend getting a treatment plan before traveling to another country for dental treatment to avoid inconvenience. In any case, contacting clinics in Turkey, everyone can be assured of high quality services and safety of medical procedures without major time and financial expenses.