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Dental Night Guards: Everything You Need to Know

Night Guards for Teeth

Dental health, unfortunately, does not come easy to us. In today’s world, it requires constant effort. One of them is the use of dental night guards. Let’s take a closer look at their features and purpose of use.

What Are Mouthguards For?

The main reason for using night guards is bruxism. This is an unconscious clenching of the jaws, in most cases during sleep. It can be accompanied by squeaking or grinding of the teeth. And it’s a problem not only for people who are nearby and are disturbed by these sounds. Bruxism leads to enamel abrasion and tooth damage.

The disease occurs in both adults and children. There are many causes: dental, neurological, or even psychological. Bruxism is often the result of complex problems. This disease takes a long time to treat. To prevent tooth enamel from being destroyed during this time, it is necessary to use special night guards.

What Does Bruxism Lead To?

The first sign of the disease is teeth grinding, which has a number of negative health consequences. If you do not use special mouthguards, the following problems may occur:

  • Chipped and cracked teeth;
  • Their unattractive appearance
  • Tooth loss;
  • Frequent inflammatory processes;
  • Risk of periodontal tissue disease;
  • Damage to fillings;
  • Bleeding gums;
  • Toothache;
  • Jaw diseases.

Types of Dental Mouth Guards

Depending on the method of manufacture and purpose, mouthguards are different. They are usually divided into day, night, standard, thermoplastic, individual, preventive, and repositioning mouthguards. Let’s take a look at the most popular types.


Day guards are designed for people who, even in a conscious state, involuntarily clench their teeth. This enamel protection is made of a transparent substance that is as invisible as possible and is attached to the inside of the dentition. Daytime guards allow you to speak freely and even eat food that is not too hard.

Night Guards

Night guards are designed for those who grind their teeth while sleeping. They are available in different colors. Such mouthguards can be worn on the upper row of teeth or on both at the same time. It depends on the patient’s condition.

Thermoplastic Mouth Guards

To make the mouthguards follow the shape of the jaws and be more comfortable to use, it is worth choosing a thermoplastic version. This product can change shape after immersion in hot water, which should be done immediately before the first use.


Standard mouthguards are the cheapest because they cannot exactly follow the contours of the jaws. This can lead to some discomfort. However, such a product can be used immediately after purchase.

Individual Mouth Guards

These products are made according to the patient’s jaw impressions, which allows them to completely repeat the shape of their teeth. The price of individual mouthguards is, of course, higher than other types. But they are more durable and comfortable. The production time varies from 5 to 10 days.

Reasons for Wearing Night Guards

Bruxism can have a number of non-dental causes. They are treated by specialists in the relevant fields of medicine. As for dentistry, mouthguards are the best way to protect teeth. There are several reasons for their prescription:

  • Increased sensitivity of teeth to hot and cold;
  • Bite defects;
  • Changes in chewing functions;
  • Excessive load on certain parts of the jaw;
  • Incorrect position of the teeth;
  • Pathologies of the jaws.

Night guards are currently the most effective dental treatment for bruxism. They are comfortable, almost invisible, and cost much less than solving the problems with the teeth that will certainly arise if you do not use the guards.