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Did You Know How Useful the Magnets are?


You all must be aware of a magnet and its properties. A magnet is a piece of iron or any other metal that can attract or align itself to other similar metals. This phenomenon happens in the presence of an external magnetic field that aligns the atoms in a specific fashion to create magnetic pull.

Among these are the permanent magnets that are magnetized to create their magnetic field. They can act in the absence of the external field. Some ferromagnetic substances like iron, cobalt, nickel, and minerals like lodestone are attracted strongly to the magnets.

I am sure you too must have played with magnets in your childhood. I remember how fascinating it was to attract different materials to the magnet that was once a part of my watch. Magnets find uses in various things around us like watches, hard disks, speakers, microphones, electric appliances, generators, compasses, car, motor-bike, toys, magnetic therapy, computers, camera and many more.

Many companies manufacture and supply permanent magnets worldwide like Ferrite, Rubber, SmCo, AlNiCo, and Injection but the most popular are the Neodymium magnets. They offer custom magnets bulk supply with a top-notch quality at a reasonable price and an excellent after-sale service.

These magnets are made in different shapes like block, disc, cylinder, ring, arc ball, and many other specially customized forms. So, you don’t have to bother about the specification problem as they can be dealt with ease.

Neodymium is considered the strongest magnet. Even a small piece can be handy. We are always surrounded by them be it our homes, offices, cars or even our pockets. Their extensive use has resulted in various advancements during the last few decades.

They also find good use in medical equipment and techniques:

  • Dentists use them in corrective devices for replacement of dentures.
  • MRI scanners that generate large magnetic fields align the protons inside human bodies in the direction of the magnetic field. Then the radio frequency waves are directed towards the patient’s body to produce detailed images.
  • Some Magnetic Therapy believers find it relaxing when they subject their body parts to the magnetic field generated by Neodymium magnets.

They are equally useful in other industries as well:

  • Jewelry clasps use small magnets that hold the pieces securely.
  • They are being used in ABS (Anti-Lock Braking) system sensors in automobiles.
  • In manufacturing industries for lifting bulky items made of iron.
  • Magnetic separators help to remove the ferrous and other magnetic items from contaminating the processing unit.
  • Small, hidden magnets are used as closures to seal envelopes, cards, brochures, boxes and high-quality packaging.
  • It does find some good uses in homes as well. Making drawer and door closures, fixing furniture and hanging pictures are a few of the applications.
  • Reed switches have the switches operated by the magnetic field, and they are quite useful in detecting burglary as they can identify the opening and closure of doors.
  • Magnetic bearings help the movement of parts without actual physical contact. They lower the friction and prevent mechanical wear and tear of the machine.

These magnets have tremendous power and utility. Their properties to enhance movement and efficiency are incredible.