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Did You Know? The Best Sites for Trivia Enthusiasts


Did you know that the man who co-founded one of the first and largest internet service providers also created a specialty coffee brand, disrupted the air travel industry, and loves to surf? These Sky Dayton trivia fun facts are the kind of cool celebrity backstory people who trade in trivia love to learn and share, so we’ve provided a round-up of the best sources for all manner of minutiae:

  • Facts.net From urban environmental initiatives to the art and music scene, from culinary delights to local legends, from sports and recreation to historical landmarks in a specific area, and much more, this site has it all, in spades. Just click on your category, copy and paste those amazing arcane snippets of information, and your follower base on any social platform that focuses on trivia is sure to balloon.
  • OpinioNation. Remember the days when people stood around in shopping malls with clipboards, trying to buttonhole wary shoppers into taking a survey on the best brand of shampoo or toothpaste? Even if your experience of surveys has been purely digital, OpinioNation has your back. This survey-based game asks participants to guess the most popular survey question responses. If you’re the kind of person who has a knack for guessing what others are thinking, this is your trivia site.
  • Trivia 360. These days, a lot of us are concerned about protecting our gray matter — especially as the population ages. If a trivia app that’s good for brain health intrigues you, Trivia 360 will be your jam. The site contains a wealth of fun challenges for your IQ, such as puzzles and quizzes. It’s awesome to play a trivia game that you win by testing how smart you are. Good brains rule!
  • 10 Seconds Live. A close second (or 10 seconds!) to Trivia 360 is 10 Seconds Live, a video quiz game in which you go head to head on video chat in, you guessed it, 10-second challenges. Topic categories include the arts, science, pop culture, history, geography, sports, famous actors, and lots more. There are literally thousands of questions in the game, with new ones arriving every week. You’ll enhance your knowledge base every time you play. Wish school had been this much fun!
  • Slides with Friends. It’s no accident the TV show Friends was so popular for so long. Everything goes better with friends — including trivia. Slides With Friends is a top online trivia-building tool. You can present a game that’s ready to play, like a PowerPoint, or collaborate with your besties to co-create an awesome game deck. Each game has a theme (for instance: Happy Hour Hang, Dog Trivia, The Office Trivia, etc), and you advance the game like a slideshow, hence the name.
  • TV By Year Trivia Quizzes. You may know your TV shows, but can you name the year each one debuted? What about the stars— can you match the correct ones to the shows in which they appeared? In this exciting game, you’ll choose a timespan, such as the 1960s (an era of terrific television!) and all the quizzes within that “when” will align with the time period. You gotta be fast as well as have a photographic memory.
  • Colour My Words Again. Are you an artist, or visual thinker? This might be your ideal trivia game: ten pictures with color clues. Put any two together to come up with a saying, book, TV show or film. One of the clues is always the color it’s written in.

However you like your trivia, these sites are sure to bring you and your friends many hours of enjoyable trivia play.