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Different Reasons Why Your AC Unit Blows Warm Air in the Summer


There can be several reasons why your AC unit blows warm air in the summer. Click here to learn what the problem may be and what should be done about it.

Air conditioners are complex machines, despite the fact that 87 percent of all American homes use them in some form. Because of their complexity, they can develop mechanical and functional issues with time due to use. One of the most common problems that your AC unit may experience is blowing hot air.

Knowing a few of the most common reasons why your ac unit blows warm air can help you diagnose problems before they grow too serious. This can help you get your air conditioner working properly again as soon as possible.

AC Unit Blows Warm Air Because of Thermostat Settings

One of the first and most common reasons why your AC unit may be blowing warm air is because of the wrong settings on your thermostat. If you hit a button and switch your central system from cooling to heating, you may actually be running your furnace instead.

In a similar vein, if you don’t notice air flowing out of your vents, you may have turned the fan off by accident. Make sure that it is set to the automatic function, which will engage the fan once your air conditioner turns on.

Blocked Condenser

The condenser is the section of your central air conditioner located outside of your home. With time and age, it can become clogged with leaves, dirt and other debris. This can prevent the system from conducting a heat exchange between the interior and exterior of your home.

In extreme cases, this can lead to your air conditioner struggling to produce cold air throughout your home. By trimming back plants that may be growing too close to the condenser, and washing away stuck on dirt and debris from within the unit, you restore the effectiveness of your air conditioner.

Most condensers can hold up to power-washing and scrubbing. However, take care when doing so, and if in doubt contact a professional. Moisture can damage the wiring of your air conditioner and further hamper its function.

Refrigerant Leak

Another reason why your AC unit may begin to blow warm air is if the refrigerant has leaked out of the system. This is a rare occurrence, but can happen when a seal or hose within your air conditioner breaks down. Refrigerant, which is a gas that your condenser condenses into a liquid, can leak out of your system and leave your air conditioner unable to vent heat out of your home and chill air inside.

Warm air is the most common and noticeable sign of a refrigerant leak. You may also notice that ice has built up on your AC unit, usually around the area where the leak has developed. You should have a professional inspect your system to verify that a refrigerant leak is to blame.

In some cases, if your unit is old enough it makes more sense for you to consider new AC installation instead of repair. Leaking refrigerant usually points to improper installation or an older, less efficient unit that is in need of replacement. 

Diagnosing Other AC Issues

Narrowing down the causes of an air conditioner that blows warm air can help you direct a professional to figuring out the best way to fix the issue.

If your problem is not that your AC unit blows warm air, but something related, you should talk to a contractor to have a professional inspection done to diagnose the issue. 

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