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Digital Distraction Is Destroying Your Love Life And You Are Not Even Aware Of It


How many times have you declined your partner’s invitation to go to a restaurant or party together because you wanted to stay at home and watch movies on Netflix? Or can you remember when the last time was when you had dinner with your partner without you scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed?

Well, it’s hard to admit, but this sounds familiar to all of us. It seems that these days, our phones, laptops, tablets, social media, and of course, television capture almost all of our attention.

Whether we scroll through our Facebook newsfeed, post selfies on Instagram, watch our favorite sitcom or TV show, watch funny videos on YouTube, or play games on the internet, we devote significant amounts of time to digital devices.

The number of digital distractions which are easily available on our phones, laptops, and television is so great that we’ve stopped paying attention to what’s going on around us. Most importantly, we’ve started neglecting and ignoring our partners and spouses.

If you find this hard to agree with, just try to remember how many times have you decided to watch your favorite TV show on Netflix, (to be more precise – a couple of episodes of it), instead of cuddling with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse?

Countless times, right?

Well, it’s no wonder since it seems like we’ve started devoting almost all of our time to digital devices and internet distractions.

Social media, streaming video, and all internet distractions have simply begun interfering with our relationships, both romantic and otherwise.

We’ve got so hooked on them, that we’ve stopped counting how many times we’ve turned down invitations to go out to a concert, the cinema, or a new restaurant in favor of watching movies at home or updating our statuses on Facebook all night long. 

What’s worse – your love life is not the only thing which is affected by digital distractions – so is your health.

Sitting for hours in front of the TV or your computer increases your risks for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, indigestion, and even cancer.

So, since social media and digital distractions are neither contributing to nor improving your love life and health, it means that you have no other option but to reduce the amount of time you spend watching TV or using social media.

Start devoting more attention to your significant other than to your phone. Look into your partner’s eye. Talk to them. Laugh with them. Cuddle with them. Be aware of their presence. And learn to prioritize the beauty of real life over virtual life.

Digital Distraction Is Destroying Your Love Life And You Are Not Even Aware Of It