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Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Work?


The appearance of insects or rodents in the house is always a big shock for the owners. One has only to imagine a picture when you want to drink at night, and suddenly there is a cockroach, a mouse in the sink or on it. Well, if the nerves are strong, then they will withstand such a “show,” otherwise you will not get enough screaming.

The problem arises only in one – what to choose?

The latest ultrasonic repellers are a versatile option, but whether they work or is another advertising “scam” is worth looking into in more detail. It is high time to dispel the myths and misconceptions around these devices and prove that the right repeller will be the best “rescuer” in any situation.

The power of ultrasound affects its effectiveness.

Absolute nonsense! Sounds and ultrasounds are different physical phenomena with their wave oscillation parameters. People do not hear ultrasonic pest repellers, but insects and animals catch them. United State produces some of largest resources to the people.

Mice, rats, and other rodents clearly distinguish noise waves with a frequency of 1 GHz. For them, this is an actual acoustic attack, in which the nerves are strained to the limit, and there is only one instinctive feeling – to run.

A person does not hear wave vibrations up to 20,000 Hz. This means that if the device is audible, it will harm not rodents and pests but the owner himself.

High-quality ultrasonic pest control operate in the range of 18-70 kHz (written in the instructions). This is quite enough to drive out uninvited “guests.”

The power of ultrasonic radiation is the most critical indicator in the device.

Another misconception used by negligent manufacturers. They claim that “our device has more power, which means it works better.” But the power indicator is essential only in one case – when calculating the area of ​​​​impact.

For example, devices with coverage up to 800 sq. m. will differ from models of the same type but designed for 400 sq. m. For example, Tornado repellers with a capacity of up to 1200 sq. m. are equipped with two or more emitters. This explains their increased power.

Before checking whether repellers work in a room or house, pay attention to the power of the device and the area \u200b\u200bthe room. For compact spaces, devices too “strong” are not needed – the machines will not work better from an increase in the power indicator!

Powerful devices get rid of pests and rodents faster

And again, a mistake – the speed of expulsion of problems does not depend on the power indicator of the repeller. It is wrong to think that the LS 919, designed for open spaces, will work better indoors.

The devices work on the same principle – it takes time for the impact of ultrasound to become unbearable, and rodents cockroaches leave the premises. This effect is achieved by continuous operation of the device for 2-3 weeks. Acoustic attack, panic – these instincts make rats, and other pests look for a safer place to breed. Therefore, all uninvited “guests” will leave.

It is impossible to check whether repellers are working immediately. After turning on the module, there will be no panic “in the ranks of the enemy,” mice and rats will not rush to run away; they will leave home gradually. Moreover, some animals periodically return and check whether a dangerous effect remains or not. And if you turn off the device, all the rodents will return.

Increased power does not affect the speed of expulsion of rodents. The correct installation of devices is essential. Ultrasonic repellers are placed so that there are no obstacles in the path of the waves that absorb radiation. If there are a lot of soft surfaces, partitions, furniture in the room, you will have to take two or more devices, the power of which corresponds to the footage of the room, warehouse, etc.

Devices should not be expensive; applications in a smartphone are also suitable

One myth and two misconceptions:

Cheap devices from an unknown manufacturer

Yes, that’s how you can call boxes of 7 dollar per piece, which is sold at every turn. A beautiful module with a light bulb will not protect against pests, and the signaling device does not at all indicate whether the ultrasound is working or not. A bright backlight means only one thing – the device is plugged into a power outlet or left without power.

Ultrasonic repellers undergo multi-stage testing. Researchers are constantly working to improve performance offer devices for complex effects. These developments require money, which means that the devices cannot be cheap. To not buy an expensive fake, models are ordered on the company’s website. This will be the guarantee of quality.

Smartphone apps do not work as a repeller for mice, rats, and other pests.

You can check whether ultrasound from the gadget works on mosquitoes flies. You don’t even need to check this on dogs; everything can end badly.

Mobile gadgets are not designed to emit an ultrasound wave of the required power. All and any programs-destroyers, scarers – this is just a publicity stunt. Even worse, such exposure can adversely affect the health of the user. Loud sounds cause nervous stress negative emotions. Eventually, the mice will feel great, and the program owner will collapse with a migraine.

If the expert said – this is the only truth.

And another myth – on TV, they showed another “researcher” in a white coat, and he said that ultrasound of only one device from a specific manufacturer helps. All other appliances are junk. And now, gullible owners of cottages apartments are buying up models at exorbitant prices, without even thinking about whether ultrasound, designed to expel cockroaches on rats, works.

But why pay more and be deceived? Our online store offers high-quality EcoSniper repellers for all and any situations. A wide range allows you to choose devices for the expulsion of rodents and the impact on mosquitoes flies. With our resellers, you don’t have to check whether ultrasound from stray dogs helps or the child will be scared again.


We will select the necessary devices and give a lot of reasonable recommendations for installation and use. To get rid of pests, you do not have to spend a lot, and all ultrasonic pest repeller models are pretty affordable but very effective in impact.