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Do You Belong To The 1% Population That Is Genetically Of Higher Frequency?


Have you ever felt frustrated when some medication or diet didn’t work for you as they worked for other people? You try to do your best for your health and spirit, using the right supplements and exercises but still your immune system and mood need something extra?

Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you, you simply belong to the 1% of the population that is genetically of higher frequency. Now what does this mean? You are very sensitive, empathetic, and you feel things deeply.

Other than that, you have the ability to feel rather than see things, which makes you intuitive and creative. Even though you attract people to be in your presence, most of the times you feel like there is nobody that understands you and you feel alone.

However, you don’t drown in solitude but you continue your path in your own way which most of the times is leaded by your heart rather than your head.

The people who are of higher frequency have several things in common.

First thing in common that these people have is the deep desire to find and later to confirm their spiritual partner, family and even the place we call home.

Another thing in common that higher frequency people have is this feeling that entities and even angels are around them. It may seem strange, but most of the times these people may see or hear those entities.

Third, these people feel that no matter how hard they try to achieve success in any field they aren’t good enough. Although they have excellent skills and are highly intelligent, these people can’t find what they truly desire.

The fourth thing that is common for these people is the constant change in their mood, energy and emotion.

Furthermore, these people often have the feeling of being more spiritually awake or conscious but those moments are very short.

The sixth thing that these people have in common is that they often have very vivid dreams followed with moving and speaking during their dreaming.

The next common thing for the higher frequency people is that they intend to take roots in relationships and even in responsibilities but this is periodically.

Another common thing is that these people feel that there is not enough time for regular activities. They may feel that they are lost due to this shortage of time.

Finally, these people are aware that there are no coincidences. They believe that everything in this world happens with a reason so they believe that there are no accidents.

Besides the common things mentioned above, these people share certain ideologies, perspectives and beliefs as well.

When making a decision, these people tend to think of how that decision will affect the others. They understand people and wish to help someone in need. Most often, these people are good listeners and advisers since they feel that all creatures are spiritually connected in this world.

Talking about worlds, these people sometimes feel that people on this planet are the experiment of higher spiritual forces from another planets or dimensions. This is the reason for higher frequency people to believe that happiness may not be the most important goal in their lives.

The people who belong to this population are unsatisfied with the fact that money is the focus in this world. They rather appreciate the spiritual wealth and most often they follow their hearts’ desires.

Above all things, the higher frequency people cherish our precious planet. Sometimes, they even feel emotional pain from the consequences of people’s wrongdoings to the planet. However, they believe that everyone has a different role in the world’s great community so they respect everyone, regardless their rank in society.

If you belong to this 1% of population, you most certainly need more time to relax. Due to the higher sensitivity that these people have, they often need to refresh themselves and relax, away from other people’s energies.

The most effective way to relax is to go on a trip in the nature. Feel the breeze on your skin, enjoy the sunshine, and swim with the dolphins. It’s simple, do as you please, just relax.

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