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Do You Feel Lonely In The Presence Of Your Partner? Here’s What You Can Do About It


Feeling lonely is not an emotion reserved only for those that are rolling solo.  Rather it’s an emotion that those who are in a relationship can feel too.

Romantic relationships are supposed to bring a sense of fulfillment and peace into your life. They’re supposed to make you feel complete and whole.

But, if you feel lonely and estranged when hanging out with, or just looking at, the person who you share a bed with, then the fact that you’re in a relationship isn’t much of a consolation.

So, the question is: What can make you feel lonely in a relationship?

You can feel this way in the presence of your partner since something is not working the way it should in the relationship itself. 

You can also feel lonely in your relationship because you look to your significant other to fill the emptiness that you’ve been carrying within yourself.

And last but not least, you can feel lonely around your partner because they’re failing to provide you with the closeness and sense of connectedness you need.

When you’re in a relationship in which you and your significant other no longer share the mutual connection you once had, you might be tempted to sweep the problem under the carpet, hoping it’ll solve itself. But, know that this is not a good idea. Because chances are that you’ll continue to feel lonely and your relationship will become even more unbearable.

So, instead of waiting for the problem to solve itself, try looking for ways in which you could better the situation, and then take action.

In what follows, we’ve offered three ways you can do that:

1. Talk to your partner openly about how you feel.

Tell your significant other how you feel and maybe you’ll find out that they feel lonely too. At the very least, if they truly love you, they’ll naturally want to relieve your loneliness.

Both of you try to find out what’s causing the emotional distance in your relationship. Are your schedules so tight that you can’t find time to connect? Or, is your partner so impatient with your personal problems that you talk to anyone but them about your worries and deepest insecurities and fears?

No matter what the reason is, being aware of it and then discussing it with your significant other may help you close the emotional distance between you.

2. Overcome your loneliness with the help of outside support.

If you don’t feel that your partner can lessen your loneliness, then don’t hesitate to turn to your family and friends. Let them give you advice and suggest ways you can work through the problem with your partner. Who knows? Maybe their advice will help you and your beloved feel close again.

3. Walk away.

If you know you’ve done everything in your power to overcome your loneliness in your relationship, and yet, nothing has worked, perhaps you should consider leaving.

It’s hard and painful to let go of someone whom you were in a relationship with for a long time and whom you were deeply connected with once. But, if that connection no longer exists, if the spark between you is gone, and if your relationship no longer brings happiness, excitement, and a sense of fulfillment into your life, then what’s the point of staying in it?

Remember – you deserve to be in a healthy, harmonious, deep, fulfilling relationship, and you should never settle for anything less than that.