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Dog Accidentally Farts While Sleeping And The Cat’s Reaction Is The Most Hilarious Moment


We all know that cats and dogs have a struggle coexisting. It’s been that way since forever. There might be a few exceptions of cats and dogs getting along nicely, but in most cases, they are known to be sworn enemies.

We’ve seen a lot of videos in which the cat is always responsible for the drama. However, believe it or not, there are rare cases in which the cats are actually the victims.

One owner wanted to get to the bottom of this, so he installed a camera and filmed his pets. But what started out as a usual video to see which one of the two rascals is the one to blame for all the drama ended up as the most hilarious clip ever.

The video starts with the cat and the dog peacefully laying next to each other. The dog seems to be enjoying his sleep and then all of a sudden, something funny happens. As the dog is sleeping, he accidentally farts but surprisingly, he doesn’t wake up.

This immediately disturbs the cat. She seems as if she is trying to ignore the whole thing, but then after a few moments, she gives the dog one evil look. And then just when you think that she will contain herself, the poor, annoyed cat lashes out, smacks the sleeping dog on his head and she rudely wakes him up from his sleep.

We are not sure whether this is a real video, or the owner just did a nice job editing this clip, but still, you have to admit that this is a truly hilarious moment.

Whatever happened between those two, we just hope the dog learned his lesson.

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