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Dog Lost For Two Years Is Ecstatic To Finally Reunite With His Owner


Indeed, dogs are man’s best friend, forming a close, strong bond with their human companions. Just as people take care of their furry friends, dogs give their owners emotional support and genuine, unconditional love.

When this link is broken, it’s a real tragedy. Many a time we hear about puppies stolen from their owners – a harsh act that’s hurtful to both man and animal. Fortunately, one woman in Ukraine got the chance to reunite with her beloved dog from which she’d been separated for two years.

Volunteers at one animal shelter in Ukraine found a lovely, blue-eyed homeless dog wandering the streets. Since the dog had mange and it was starving, it was evident that it had quite a hard life on the streets, to say the least.

Volunteers were determined to give the cute dog a new, warm home – not knowing that he actually already had one and that someone was longing to reunite with him.

So, to find him a home, the volunteers posted pictures of the pup on social media. Due to the fact that the dog was in poor health, they initially doubted that someone would be interested in adopting it. But, their doubts were dispelled when a great number of people filled with sympathy for the pup’s hardship and sadness began to share pictures of the shelter on social media.

Two days later, a woman contacted the shelter, informing them that her dog had been stolen from her in 2017. When she saw the dog’s photos, she was amazed to see how similar that pup appeared to the dog that had been taken away from her.

The following day, the woman came to the shelter and very soon, the meeting turned into a beautiful, heartfelt reunion.

The video of the emotional reunion, which you can find below, shows that both woman and dog were ecstatic that they were finally reunited.