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Dog Personality Types and What Your Favorite Breed Says About You


The psychology behind dog personality types and the breed you gravitate towards is fascinating. Like dog, like owner, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

You’ve probably heard the notion that dog owners sometimes grow to look like their dogs.

Over time, people often take on physical features similar to their best friend. But did you know that humans also tend to take on the personality traits of their dog?

Most dog owners have a favorite dog breed. They often own more than one dog from this breed in their lifetime. There are many different dog personality types, just like with people.

We think it makes sense to choose a breed that is similar to yourself. Not only will the two of you be closer, but your lifestyles will match up perfectly.

The coolest part? Your favorite dog breed says a lot about you!

We bet we can predict a thing or two about your own personality based on the breed of your best bud. 

German Shepard

German Shepards are focused and dedicated working dogs.

Owners of this breed are especially likely to exhibit these traits themselves. German Shepards are often used by police departments because of their intelligence and ability to be trained.

If your favorite dog breed is a German Shepard dog, we bet you are strong and loyal. As your canine companion, you are dependable and act as a beam of light guiding your loved ones back to safety.

You are a leader, just like your dog is the leader of the pack. You are the one people rely on the get the job done.

You are a protector but are not weak. People know better than to take advantage of you because of your cunning and strength. 

Jack Russell Terrier

If your favorite breed of dog is a Jack Russell Terrier, you are active and athletic.

You likely participate in competitive sports and don’t easily give up. You might be small in physique but you make up for it with your boundless energy.

You might be a little stubborn, but you just really know what’s best for you. You are sure of yourself, just like your furry friend. 


When you think of owners who resemble their dogs, poodles probably come to mind. Sometimes poodle owners have the same hair as the elegant companions.

While poodle mixes are extremely common these days for the purpose of adding intelligence, cuteness, and allergy friendliness, we are going to focus this section on purebred poodles.

Poodles require significantly more maintenance than other breeds when it comes to grooming and mental stimulation. Poodles are one of the most intelligent dog breeds and are known for their good looks and high-class manners.

Poodle owners are likely to be well groomed themselves. If you own a purebred poodle, you probably enjoy the finer things in life and are very intelligent yourself. You carry yourself with class and dignity.


When we think of dalmatians, we think of firetrucks and daring rescues.

Owners of dalmatians are outgoing. You no doubt enjoy social events where you can mingle with multiple circles of friends.

But there’s more to you than meets the eye. Dalmatians also have a sensitive side.

Sometimes you like a little quiet time. Like an onion, you have many layers just waiting to be discovered. 

Labrador Retrievers

A classic choice of dog breed for many people, Labrador Retrievers are fun, loyal, and can work around any challenge presented to them.

If your favorite breed is a lab, you are probably family oriented. You are even-tempered, can control your emotions, and you are great with kids and families.

You are kind and conscientious. Your friends and family love you for your loyalty, your friendliness, and your great sense of humor. 


Owners of boxers are the type of people who light up the room when they walk in.

Boxers have a look of kindness and intelligence in their eyes. Like your dog, you are intelligent without being a snob.

You are fun to be around and easy to get along with. You can make a friend anywhere you go.

People have fun in your presence. You are great at leaving negativity at the door. 

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu’s aren’t known for being one of the cuddliest breeds. Chances are, if this is your favorite breed, you understand where your furry friend is coming from.

You’ve never been accused of being needy. You are probably introverted and somewhat of a loner.

You need plenty of space to pursue your own interests and hobbies in a relationship. You need time to recharge after social events.

You aren’t entirely antisocial though. Your idea of a great night with friends is a low key night in with a bottle of wine and your favorite tv show. 


Pomeranians are outgoing and love attention. So do you!

You’re the center of the room and the life of the party. You’ve never met a person you didn’t like.

It’s easy to get along with you. Even though you might be small, you make up for it with your big personality.

You have great charisma and know how to charm. You don’t have a mean bone in your body and are known for your playful personality. 

Chow Chow

Chow’s are a lot like Shiba Inu’s. As a Chow Chow owner, you probably value space and peace and quiet.

Independence is important to you and you can sometimes come off as a bit aloof. That doesn’t mean you are snobby, you just aren’t one for small talk.

You are very focused and when you are working on a project, you don’t like being interrupted for no reason. Your own interests are more important to you than meaningless conversation, and that’s okay!

You enjoy self-reflection and being alone with your thoughts. 


If pugs are your favorite breed of dog you are likely not a boring person.

Like many small breeds, pugs can be stubborn. You are probably stubborn as well and it might be hard to change your mind once it’s made up.

To balance out your stubborn nature, you are also charming and remarkably clever. Pugs are a likable breed and popular for a reason, just like you.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu owners are outgoing and can always find the silver lining in any situation.

Like your dog, you are lively and always up for a good time. You’re definitely not shy and can make a friend anywhere you go.

You likely have lots of friends from many different circles. You have upbeat and positive energy about you that is infectious to those around you.

Great Dane

Great Danes are a classic breed. Unfortunately, Scooby Doo did not do a great job of representing the breed.

If you love Great Danes you are probably the mom or dad in your group. You have been blessed with the virtue of patience.

You aren’t super outgoing but are still friendly. Being reserved when first meeting people is a means of self-protection.

No matter the circumstances you find yourself in, you maintain your dignity. You’re never in a rush and value doing things the right way, even if it takes longer.

Having a family is important to you and you value continuing the traditions you grew up with in your own family.


Tiny but mighty.

There is no better breed to fit this saying than the Chihuahua.

If you love chihuahuas you are definitely outgoing. You’re likely the loud one in your group and always running around like the white rabbit.

You seem to never run out of energy. You’re a social butterfly and a bit of a spitfire.

You’re not one to back down from a fight whether it’s political or personal. Sometimes your energy can be too much and can turn into anxiety.

Anxiety reducing medication can help you manage that uncontrollable energy.

If your best bud also tends to get a little too wound up, check out CBD oil for dogs and cats to reduce his or her anxiety. 


If you love Beagles, you probably also love to travel.

You are a very open-minded person and are willing to try anything once. You’re always picking up a new hobby or starting a new book or tv series.

You have a bucket list and a long list of places you want to travel. Like your beagle, you are wide-eyed and have an almost childlike wonder about the things you have yet to experience.

You’re not afraid to try new things when it comes to your wardrobe either. Your inquisitive nature is part of your charm. 

More Dog Personality Types

If you didn’t see your favorite dog breed on our list, we apologize. There are many different dog personality types out there.

These are just a few of the many common dog breeds that tend to share personalities and sometimes even looks with their owners.

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