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Dog That Was Abandoned On Camera Beams With Happiness After Being Finally Adopted


Do you remember Snoop, the dog that was dumped by his owner on the side of the road in England in the middle of the night, and the whole thing was caught on a surveillance camera?

The heartbreaking footage showed a man taking the Staffordshire bull terrier out of his car and dumping him on the side of the road in the dark.  

After letting go of the dog’s leash, the man immediately ran back to his car. Not knowing what was going on, the poor puppy ran after the man and tried to get into the car as well. But, as his owners quickly drove away, the dog started running after them, looking so confused that he was being left all alone in the dark.

Luckily, a few hours later, someone found the poor puppy sleeping by the road and contacted the RSPCA, which immediately came to pick up the dog. The RSPCA posted the video of Snoop’s abandonment in the hope that someone would recognize the dog’s owner.

The heartbreaking video has touched the hearts of thousands of people and since it went viral, the RSCPA staff have received many applications from people who wanted to adopt the dog.

Fortunately, after going through so much, Snoop finally has a reason to be happy again – he’s been adopted. His new owner, Laurence Squire, feels really lucky that he’s now this lovely pup’s new dad. He said:

“One evening I was watching the news when Snoop’s story came on. What happened to him was shocking, and it was clear from the footage — in the way that he tried to get back into the car — that he was a loyal dog.”

And that’s not all – Rachel Butler, a spokesperson of the RSPCA, informed the public that Snoop appeared very comfortable, calm, and settled in his new home when she last visited them.

Snoop is now receiving the attention, care, and love that his previous owner deprived him of. He’s playing and running around energetically. He’s enjoying life with his new caring and loving dad who enjoys seeing him beaming with happiness.