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Don’t Be Afraid To Be The Woman Who Is Unapologetically Herself And Does Whatever The Hell She Wants


I know how you feel dear. Ever since you’ve opened your eyes and draw the first breath on this Earth you’ve been told what to do.

Every person in your life expected you to behave in a certain way. To have manners, to act ladylike, to live up to people’s expectations, to lead a conventional, quiet life, to be careful when choosing your partners, to find the love of your life, to get married, to have children and to spend your whole life taking care about your family than yourself. In a nutshell, to fit the standard.

All because you were born a woman.

I was in that same loop for a long time. Until I finally got out of it and realized that my life is for me and for me only. Once I saw that it is not that scary to stand up for yourself and confront every conventional, non-written norm about what women should do, I realized that I will never ever let someone dictate the course of my life.

And I became the person that I was always destined to be.

My true self.

From now on, I live for myself. No one else.

I’ll be honest, going through life like a free bird without depending on someone’s opinion does make you feel like you are doing something wrong at times, but it is important to understand that you are not. No matter how many people judge you and your non-conformist way of living, it is essential that you keep doing just that. Because that is the only way that you will ever do something with your life.

You know what? We are not born to fit the same norms that society has created for us.

We are not here to grow up, graduate, find a job, find a man and have kids. We are not here to be told that we should behave more ladylike.

I’ll be damned if I let another person’s expectations of me as a woman define my life!

There’s more to life than just raising children and taking care of your family. Yes, having those things in life is a blessing, but so is finding true happiness. And sometimes, happiness means other things. While for some it may be growing old next to their husband, for me that’s finding myself.

Chasing my goals, living life at the moment, spending time with my loved ones, making mistakes, creating memories, excelling in my career, exploring life, traveling the world, doing the seemingly impossible, and just doing whatever the hell I want.

And you, my dear, the one who is reading this, the one who is in desperate need of that nudge in life… You should do that too. I know exactly how pressured you are by society, but it is up to you whether you will let that impact your life or not.

I say put fear aside! Put all of your insecurities aside, hush that pessimistic voice inside of you and just do whatever the hell you want.

Be unapologetically yourself. Set goals for yourself. Search for the things that make your heart smile. Follow your wildest dreams. Live up to your own expectations. Dare to fly higher. Stand out from the crowd. Enjoy your life. And let people talk. Let them say what they will because, in the end, their opinions don’t matter.

The only thing that matters is what you want out of life, whatever that is.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get it!

Don\'t Be Afraid To Be The Woman Who Is Unapologetically Herself And Does Whatever The Hell She Wants