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Don’t Be Afraid to Say “YES, I DO”. Amazing Reasons to Get Married


With divorce rates as high as they are, it’s no wonder many people have started to fear marriage, or at least be a little skeptical about it. Now, of course it’s true that no one should treat marriage lightly, but neither should they fear it as much as they do. Here are some great reasons to stop being afraid, aside from the fact that you’ll get to throw an awesome hen night party.

Marriage is Good for the Heart

We mean this both literally and figuratively. Of course, your heart is going to be happy around the love of your life, but there’s also the literal sense. Studies revealed that those who are married have lower rates of heart disease. The reason for this may be that in marriage, there’s someone to look out for your health, which means you’ll be making healthier choices overall.

Stop the Chaos

When you’re single, you’re likely so busy on a day to day basis, that you end up with little time to take care of your house. The good thing about being married is that there’s two of you to take care of the house, the yard, and the car. This way, even if you’re both very busy, you can each take on smaller portions of the work, and still have it all done.

Save Money

When you bring two people together, you bring their skills together as well. You will rely on hiring handymen, taking clothes to dry cleaners and ordering food a lot less, since chances are, one of you knows how to do these sorts of things.

In addition, you’ll also be saving money because you will be able to split the cost of certain things, such as rent, water, electricity and gas, among other things.

Solidify Your Love

Of course, you don’t need a piece of paper to love another person. However, the wedding, with all that it involves, is a celebration of your love, which is confirmed by signing that official license. With it, your relationship will feel as strong as ever. 

More Security

Many people feel that after they signed that paper, a sort of protective shell was placed around their relationship, helping them feel more secure. Even if there’s fights, married people are more likely to try and figure things out. Not only this, but they feel they can rely on each other for support even in the toughest of times.

Be a Team

You can be a great team without that marriage license, but to many people, simply being able to use the words “wife” and “husband” brings them closer together. When you’re married, you work together for the same goals, whether that’s a house, raising a child, or going on many wonderful adventures.

Be Calm and Feel Certain

Relationships are wonderful, but some individuals feel overwhelmed with a sense of uncertainty about how serious the relationship they’re in is. They may be wondering whether their partner is in it for the long haul, or if they’ll part ways after a few years. Well, marriage brings you this sense of certainly regarding the future, which is bound to feel amazing for both of you.

You’ll Always Have Someone to Hang Out With

We as people are pretty social beings, and regardless of how much we like to act like we like being independent, at the end of the day, we need others to talk to. Well, when you’re married you know that you’ll have this one person next to you, no matter what. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spend time with anyone else, of course, but even on nights when you feel too lazy to go out, you can still cuddle up with your lovely human.

Grow with Them

When you’re in the right relationship, and you feel secure and loved, like you do in a marriage, you can become a better person and grow next to your partner. This is certainly an amazing benefit that healthy marriages enjoy, and it’s not one to ignore.

Longer Lives

It appears that people who are married live longer, and it could be for the same reason why married people have lower rates of heart disease: there’s another person next to them to keep them accountable when it comes to their health decisions.

Marriage certainly comes with many benefits, but only if we’re talking about a healthy one, not one born out of the partner’s desire to have someone next to them, even if it’s the wrong person. So, assess your relationship closely, and if you feel like it’s a healthy one, then there’s nothing keeping you from getting married.