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Don’t Despair: What Is Destined To Be Yours Will Find Its Way To You


The truth is that life is not a bed of roses. Things don’t always go the way we want. Sometimes, everything is going well for us and other times, we are left with no choice but to see our plans fail.

But, I must admit that I am a fighter. I am the kind of person that never gives up. I know what my main priorities in life are. I have clear goals and I invest great amounts of time and energy in pursuing them. And I embrace the temptations, challenges, and problems life throws my way.

I can’t deny it – I do get disappointed when my dreams don’t come true and my goals fail. I get sad when I feel like I don’t have control over my life.

But, I never let my mistakes and failures get the best of me. I never let the obstacles standing in the way to my happiness and success prevent me from pursuing my goals and setting new ones. I never let my problems and failures have power over me and make me doubt my qualities and strength.

Because I’ve realized that what is destined to be mine will come to me, sooner or later. I don’t need to force it.

Because that’s what the journey called life is like. Sometimes everything goes according to plan and other times, nothing falls into place.

We’ll be in a relationship with someone and think that they’re our forever person, our soulmate, and then we will helplessly watch things fall apart between us.

We’ll be best friends with someone and think that our friendship will last forever, and then they’ll betray us as soon as we turn around.  

We’ll  pursue certain goals and make sacrifices and work hard to fulfill them, and then one day we will realize that these goals are not what we want in life.

And in all of these moments, we can’t have the answers to all the questions bombarding our minds. We can’t know what’s going on and what direction we should take in life. Because that’s the way life works.  

Life is unpredictable. It’s uncontrollable. It’s difficult to understand.

In those moments, there’s one thing that we can all do and that’s TRUST. Yes, in those moments, we have to trust God, faith, the universe, or you name it. We have to believe that what is destined to be ours will find its way to us.

We have to believe that when we break up with our partner, that’s because there is someone else there waiting for their path to cross ours.

When we get our heart broken in two, that’s because there is someone out there who will mend it and make it whole again.

When we part ways with certain friends, that’s because these people weren’t meant to stay in our lives forever. When we change certain plans, that’s because we’re supposed to make new ones, better ones.

And when these things happen, we might feel confused, afraid, disappointed, and lost. We might begin doubting ourselves.  But what we must never doubt is the truth that what’s destined to be ours will come to us.

The friendships we deserve, the relationships we crave, the success we long for – everything will find its way to us. We don’t have to chase anything. We don’t have to force anything.

Because what is destined to be yours will find its way to you when the time is right.