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Don’t Lose Hope – What Is Meant To Be Yours Will Come To You


I am a person who doesn’t like to settle.  I’m a fighter. I fight things that don’t make any sense. I don’t accept half-assed things. I want it all or nothing. I get frustrated and paranoid when something I worked hard for goes out of control.

So, you could probably say that I’m not the spontaneous, live-for-the-moment type of person. I like to make things my way.

But, silly me often forgets that as long as I breathe and live on this planet called Earth, there won’t be such thing as perfection.

You see, we can fight for the things we think we deserve, we can bend over backward to achieve something, but if something isn’t meant to come our way, it won’t.

Simple, yet very disappointing, huh?

I know, but that is the truth.

If there’s something I learned throughout these years, it is that life doesn’t always go according to our plan. It doesn’t follow our dreams and it simply doesn’t walk the same road we do.

Hey, I’m not saying that there aren’t moments when everything falls into place and we’re thrilled to have finally hit the jackpot in life. Fortunately, these rare moments exist.

But, then again, so does those hopeless ones.

We fall in love with the most wonderful person, we believe that our love will last forever, and then in the blink of an eye, everything we once knew shatters in front of us. We work hard for the dream job we hoped, we get it, but then all of sudden, nothing makes sense like you thought it would.

We rise, but then we fall down. And then, after a certain period, we rise again. Only this time we’re stronger than before.

In a nutshell, that is life, showing us that those things were never meant to be ours.

I know, those moments often leave us wounded, confused, insecure and sometimes even unable to move forward. They don’t give us all the answers we need. We don’t understand what’s happening, where are we going and what should our next move be. Before us, is the unknown and we’re strangers to that darkness. We’re terrified.

We scream we shout, we cry, we doubt our potential, we’re angry at the world because it suddenly feels like the whole world comes crashing down.

But, the truth remains. No matter how hard it was, they weren’t meant to happen to us.

The most important thing we have to remind ourselves is that we have to keep our faith. We have to keep moving on. We have to accept the failures as our lessons and continue our road.

Because what is meant for us, will eventually find its way to us.

It might drift away, and it might take some time to arrive, but ultimately it will find its way back to us. You have to be sure of it.

So, please. Don’t stress. Don’t overthink. Don’t blame yourself. Don’t give up. What is meant to be in your life, will happen at its own pace. It might not happen today, or tomorrow, but it will happen soon.

You just have to believe it.

Don\'t Lose Hope - What Is Meant To Be Yours Will Come To You