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I Don’t Need To Talk Like A Lady, Thank You Very Much


Feel free to swear if you are angry, it really helps! According to a study, the benefits of a juicy swear-word said in the right place at the right time are highly underestimated.

Is swearing reserved for men only? Apparently not! A new study shows that today women swear more than men. Modern women believe that they have just as much right to use the F-word, even in front of their kids.

They refuse to teach the kids to hold back, as long as they are careful where and when they use obscenities. And this refers to boys and girls equally. Moms believe that allowing boys to swear while teaching girls to behave ‘ladylike’ is sexist and outdated.

Women no longer sit at home knitting, waiting for their husbands, cursing quietly. Oh, no! They have superior language skills and aren’t ashamed to use them! Thank you, equal human rights fighters!

Here is why women shouldn’t give up swearing any time soon:

  1. F-words are fun

Try thinking of the most creative ways to swear. Choose from vintage examples like “Sugartit” and “Holy cow”, that seem more like jokes than insults, or modern creations such as “Pis*flaps” and “Sh**bag”. You are sure to have great laughs is the process!

  1. People who swear are trustworthy

People who aren’t afraid to swear openly are generally not afraid to speak up about anything. They are open-minded and brutally honest. They will say whatever is on their mind using colorful words. What better way to enrich your swear-word dictionary?

  1. Swearing puts emphasis

Imagine someone leaving the door open every time they leave the room (your husband, maybe?). Saying “Could you please get the door” for a seventy-second time will be less effective than “Get the F***** door!” said only once. You get the point.

  1. You’ve hurt yourself

Hurting yourself might be the most legitimate reason to let yourself loose. The world is obviously against you and should express your opinion about it. Just use the juiciest swear-word you can think of and you’ll feel better soon.

  1. It’s scientifically proven

As mentioned at the beginning, scientists have confirmed that swearing is good for you. It increases muscle strength and boosts stamina. Plus, it expands your vocabulary and improves your linguistic skills. 

  1. Helps you show who’s in charge

Why should you censor yourself? You can be a lady and still swear. Be a ‘controlled swearer’ and use the F-word only when appropriate. You’re an adult who knows that such words won’t work at the church. But they are certainly fit to use after hitting the staircase with your head!

Source: Scary Mommy