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Don’t Settle For An Almost Relationship. Wait For A Person Who Seeks The Same Things In Life As You


I know that you are feeling left behind and I know exactly why. Everyone around you is either in a loving relationship, happily married or about to tie the knot. Your friends are all engaged, some of them are expecting their baby, people are falling madly in love, but for some reason, none of this happens to you. You are convinced that there is something terribly wrong with you. But there is not.

Still, when you are feeling lonely and left behind like this while everyone you know is having the best time of their life, it is pretty easy to settle down for just about anything.

In those moments, your brain doesn’t work as rational as it should. You are desperate for some kind of affection and someone’s touch on your skin that you forget about your real feelings.  And you enter a relationship. You know, the kind of that looks like the real thing but lacks intimacy and sense of security. You settle for an almost connection because the only thing you need more than anything in this world is to be loved by someone. But that person you’ve chosen is not capable of giving you what you want. And you know that.

That is why I feel obligated to say a few things to you and hopefully talk some sense into you.

Everything in life is pretty much mediocre. That doesn’t mean that love should be. If you ask me, love should be the most intense, the most passionate and the most beautiful part of your life. You deserve to feel that way. You deserve to dive deep inside the realms of true, unconditional love and feel every emotion on the spectrum of love. You deserve to experience intimacy with another person.

Here’s the thing… If you want to find a serious partner and commit to them for real, then stop wasting your time on casual flings. Recognize your desires, create boundaries around the ones who don’t align with your dreams and start searching for what you truly desire. If someone is stringing you along, cut them off and focus on the purpose of your journey. Finding true love.

Stop settling for crumbles when deep down you desire the whole load. If that person next to you isn’t capable of giving you what you need, someone else will. You may not believe it, but someone would be happy to be your today, tomorrow and forever. You just have to remind yourself that you are worthy of true, long-lasting love. Once you do that, it will be easier for you to know when to say NO and when to say YES.

People may have forgotten about the real values of life, but that doesn’t mean that true love doesn’t exist. It does. And it is up to you whether you will give yourself the time to grow and find it or you will give up and settle for just about anything.

Please, please, please… don’t ever allow your fear of being alone to sabotage your opportunities of finding something real. Wait for someone who will seek the same things of life as you. Wait for someone that will love you for real.

Don\'t Settle For An Almost Relationship. Wait For A Person Who Seeks The Same Things In Life As You