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Don’t Settle For Just About Anyone – Wait For Someone Who Imagines His Future With You


I know that you like to believe that time has erased every painful memory in your heart, but you have to admit… You still think of him. You still wonder whether all of it was your mistake or his fault.

You still wonder why he couldn’t imagine a future with you, why it wasn’t you who stole his heart, why weren’t you good enough for him, why did he even waste his time on the relationship, why you, why then, why…

You never had a closure, but his actions spoke louder than his words. And the answer remains the same. That’s what tears your soul apart and keeps you awake at night.

The truth is, there was never anyone else in the picture. It was you two all along. The only thing was… he never saw you as the person they could grow old with. He never envisioned his future with you beside him. I guess he never saw you as the one they can hold their hand for all eternity. That was never meant to happen. Regardless of how much you tried.

So, I say, accept that painful past and let it go. I can see that it’s weighing you down. And I can see that you’re losing your sense of self. But, you cannot waste your precious time mourning the loss of him. What’s done is gone. Embrace it and forgive yourself.

Instead of pitying yourself for revealing so much to someone who wasn’t worth the struggle, let this be a lesson to you. Let this teach you that you shouldn’t settle for just about anyone, but rather wait for the one who sees you in his future.

Wait for a man who wraps his whole world around you. Someone who goes out of his way to make you happy and see you smile. Someone who works hard to pave the road for your next journey together. Someone who can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you. Someone who not only loves you but also chooses you each and every day, all over again.

Wait for a man who wants you in his life. Now. Tomorrow. Forever. Someone who wants to hold your hand until the very end.  Someone who unconditionally believes in you and roots for you. Someone craves your presence and is completely honest about his intentions. Someone who is not afraid to be vulnerable around you.

Wait for a man who imagines his life with you by his side forever. Someone who believes he’s destined to be with you. Someone who can imagine you in a white, gorgeous gown, standing at the altar, looking into his eyes and saying, “I love you”. Someone who is looking forward to spending his entire life next to you.

Someone who can mend your broken heart and glue all of your remaining pieces back together.

Someone whose heart will sing for you alone.

Someone who cannot envision a future without you by his side.