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Dots in the Eyes: Causes and Available Eye Floater Treatments in Singapore


Eye floaters usually appear as tiny drifting dots or it could look like giant cobwebs that drifts across your vision. Sometimes, they can also occur as like little lines or dark shadows and can be quite annoying. They are actually common and can happen to anyone. Our brains have this tendency to adapt to having it and eventually ignores its presence. However, in very rare cases, eye floaters can come as very large, thus blocks vision.  For severe cases like these, it needs to be checked and treated as soon as possible.

The presence of eye floaters can also be indication of some vision-threatening conditions. Having your eyes checked up as early as possible can help you avoid the trouble of further eye damages.

Here are some detailed information you might need to know about eye floaters from Dr. Claudine Pang, one of the most renowned retinal eye surgeons in Singapore. This article will discuss about its causes and available eye floater treatments in Singapore.

Causes of Eye Floaters

Here is a table depicting the causes, description, likelihood of it to cause eye floaters, and the diagnosis appropriate for knowing if indeed your eyes have been affected with eye floaters:

Cause Description Likelihood of it to cause eye floater Degree of Severity
Liquefying of Vitreous Gel As we age, a gel-like structure located inside our eyes becomes liquefied and forms a clump of tissue inside the eye. This clump tissue that is formed creates a shadow in the retina. The shadow casted is what we call the eye floaters. High; this is the most common cause of eye floaters Mild; if your eye floater is caused by the liquefying of vitreous gel, it is not considered a medical emergency. It may actually correct itself overtime without undergoing any eye floaters treatment.
Degenerative eye conditions Some eye floaters are caused by other degenerative eye conditions. This condition may include retinal tear and retinal detachment. It is also possible that trapped blood in the eyes caused by diseases such as diabetes or if you have had suffered an eye injury. Low; not all degenerative eye condition will automatically leave you with eye floaters. That is why it is important to manage any existing conditions so as not to develop eye floaters in the future. Severe; eye floaters that are caused by degenerative eye conditions should not be taken lightly. It needs immediate attention and eye floaters treatment should be given as recommended by an eye specialist. If left untreated, it may cause vision impairment and loss.


How will I know if my eye floaters need to be treated immediately?

Here are some indications that your eye floaters will not just go away on its own and need treatment as soon as possible:

  • if you experience a sudden presence of eye floaters in your eyes
  • if your eye floaters are numerous and are unusually large in size
  • if you experience loss of central and peripheral vision

In case these symptoms are experienced, quickly make an appointment to an eye specialist and have yourself undergo the needed diagnostic examinations.

Eye floater Treatments in Singapore

Though most people with eye floater have cases that are not considered as medical emergencies, eye clinics in Singapore make sure that they have the necessary treatment available if the need arises. 

Here is a list of available eye floater treatments your eye specialist will recommend for you:

  1. Observation and close monitoring

Eye floaters that are caused by the liquefying of vitreous gel does not need any surgery or treatment on the onset. Most likely, they will just go on their own without introduction of treatment or medication. Our brain has the ability to neuro-adapt to this change in our eyes and you will eventually learn to ignore it. However, most eye specialist will recommend patients to observe and closely monitor their eye floaters.

  1. Vitrectomy

In cases that eye floaters are diagnosed as severe (when they are a result of degenerative eye conditions), they will need to be surgically treated. The surgery to treat eye floaters is called vitrectomy. Vitrectomy is generally a treatment done for retinal related eye conditions. In this procedure, small incisions are created in the eye area. Then, the vitreous gel along with the eye floaters, will be carefully removed and to be replaced by saline solution to maintain the pressure in the eye. Once the surgery is done, a shield or pad will be placed in the affected eye to prevent it from getting infections while on the healing process.

Eye floater treatment is available in the eye clinic headed by Dr. Claudine Pang. It is important that when undergoing surgeries, no matter how minor or major it is, you must go to credible and trusted surgeons. If you need any eye care especially to treat your eye floaters, contact their clinic to know about the diagnosis and cost of treatment.

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