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Double hung windows


What is a double hung window? Double hung windows are known among aesthetics with a classic look and a hint of modernity. The design of the windows is well suited to any home interior while retaining a modern design that can give complete safety and minimalist style.

Why are windows double hung so popular?

Double hung windows were invented by the British, and soon the British and Americans tweaked the system for themselves. They contain many advantages for future owners. Some of them are as follows:

  • high protection against burglaries — it is difficult to open a double suspended window from the street without breaking the glass;
  • tilt opening function provides easy maintenance of the entire structure;
  • it is possible to always choose the desired ventilation mode, thanks to the sash, which fixes the position well;
  • thanks to simple mechanisms, double windows are the most difficult to break.

A distinctive feature of double windows is the upper window, the sash, which is always static, that is, it remains in one position, and the lower one moves up parallel to it. Later, the raised window is fixed with special hooks, latches. There are two types of structural profiles: vertical lifting or pseudo-English.

The vertical lifting structure, which is also classic, consists of two sections – the main one and the movable one. The mobile moves a little on the main one and this allows you to prevent a huge amount of accumulation of dust, moisture or cold air.

Double hung windows vs single hung

Double windows are more expensive than single windows. However, since cleaning costs are reduced, the difference is not that great. These windows are much easier to use and energy efficient when used correctly. The construction of these windows is quite complex, therefore it is necessary to hire a professional for installation. Once installed, however, these windows rarely require more maintenance than regular cleaning. Many people compare double hung vs single hung windows. In the end, both have many advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing a double-leaf window, buyers choose comfort, which requires a certain investment. These windows are becoming more and more popular and over time are likely to completely replace single hinged windows. The double window can be called the next generation of windowing options. For a complete set of English windows in the classic version, single glazing is usually used, and modern versions, adapted to the conditions of our climate, are equipped with one- and two-chamber double-glazed windows.

Modern modifications of double windows have retained only the principle of operation — opening the window, sliding the windows. The dimensions, properties of glasses and fittings have changed for the sake of time, so simple glasses are replaced by double-glazed windows, as such bindings are no longer there. This does not mean that you will be denied a style for a classic look, modern bindings will not be made, but the basis of development is aimed at modernizing the designs.