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11 Important Dream Symbols You Should Never Ignore


Flying, water and travelling are some of the most common dreams that everyone has had. Do you know the meaning behind these common dreams?

The meaning of the following 11 dreams should never be ignored:

1. Boxes

If you dream of a case or a box of some sort, that probably means that you have some hidden feeling or you sense that something is being kept away from you. If the box is empty that means you have some sort of disappointment in your life. 

However, if you dream more than one or many boxes, it means that you have a problem in recognizing your feelings, and therefore you need to hide them away from everyone.

If you dream of an open box that might mean that some opportunity will be presented to you in your real life.  

2. Telephones

It is a good thing if you dream of a ringing telephone. When you dream of a ringing telephone, that means that one part of your personality is finally ready to get in touch with your senses the way it is supposed to. Be on alert, there might be an opportunity soon, so be in touch with yourself and your senses.

3. Flying

Dreams about flying are mostly categorized as a lucid dreams, but not always. They might indicate a wakeup call from your subconscious mind. If you dream of flying that might be a sign of some difficulties in your real life, and it can indicate your efforts to overcome these difficulties in life.

The flying is just a representation of an attempt to rise above the problems that you have in your life. It is as simple as that and it is not a good idea to ignore your subconscious.

4. The Moon

If you have a dream win which you see the moon, that might not a good thing. That might indicate that some unseen or never reviled creative side of your personality is fading away.

It might be a sign that you are losing some good quality hidden under your personality. Don’t let that happen, find where your creativity and good qualities are escaping.

5. Roads

If you dream of roads that means you dream of traveling. If the paths you dream of are clear, strait and beautiful in your dreams your life is going straight forward in a good direction.

But if you dream of fogy, dirty and hard to find roads, you have taken a negative course in life and you should consider some changes in your lifestyle. Remember that strait road means an easy journey in life, while a curved road means difficulties along your journey.  

6. Flowers


If you have a dream of a young flower, you should be happy because it is a really good thing. This indicates that new and interesting opportunities will pop up in near future. Dreaming of flowers might mean that some hard efforts from the past will give results and spring to life soon.

Dreaming of growing flowers indicate new beginnings, and bright future.  On the other hand if you dream old and dead flowers you might be facing an end for some phase in your life, or just an end of something, so be careful.

7. Water

Dreaming of water might be an indication of some ambition you have in life. So if you dream of the ocean don’t be afraid to take charge on big opportunities and risks in life.

If the waters you dream of are small lakes or shallow rivers than you are probably setting goals that are too high for you to reach. In any case, the greater the water you dream of the bigger the opportunities you should take.

8. Falling down

One of the most frightening nightmares for everyone must be this one. We all have dreamed of a situation where we are falling down without control. Well, you should know that this might be your subconscious talking, so don’t ignore it.

It might be a result of things getting out of control in your real life. This also might mean that you have some fear of failure in life, or fear of making the wrong choices in life. Also, if you dream of falling often that might mean that you have anxiety disorder.

9. Teeth

If you have a dream involving teeth or falling teeth, then you might have a fear of aging. Many people have had a nightmare were their teeth are falling off. Another meaning is worrying too much about your appearance.

10. Ants

If you have a dream about ants or other insects, this is an indication that something is bothering you in life. This might be a sign that you need to resolve your problems at the same time when they occur rather than letting them build up over time.

Ants are hard workers and team players. If you dream of ants it means you believe in this idea of hard and team work.

11. Green color

You seem to have a lot of love around, giving and getting. If all you dream about are green things than you probably are in a good emotional status.

Dreaming of the color green is a sign that you should be more passionate about life in general. If you have an emotional scar don’t worry, dreaming green indicates that those scars are going to heal eventually.