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A Drink Many Of Us Drink Every Day Is Reportedly The Reason Behind This Man’s Death


Our bodies have the capacity and ability to sustain us for over 100 years, but we die of slow poisoning from various sources. The results of our unhealthy and fast lives can come in many forms, and the main thing about them is that this way of life starts exposing our vulnerabilities and they take over in a form of illness.

Such was the case with Dean Wharmby, 39, a former professional bodybuilder and personal trainer, and a loving father. As he explained in his Facebook page videos and in interviews, his lifestyle soon became the end of him, triggering a liver cancer, which eventually led to his death.

Dean attributed his condition to his unhealthy diet which consisted of a 10,000-calorie intake per day, primarily from junk food and lots of energy drinks to keep him going and build up body mass.

Perhaps his riskiest habit was the consumption of 7 to 8 energy drinks a day during his workouts, which allegedly caused a major PH disbalance and caused the tumor to grow to an inoperable size.

The first time he was diagnosed with cancer, Dean refused to undergo any conventional medical treatments and managed to cure his cancer with all-natural remedies and cannabis oil.

However, after returning to his old lifestyle and making the same mistake which probably led him to such problems, his cancer returned, and this time it took the best of him.

His diet was far less conventional than that of the professional bodybuilders and included many harmful substances, besides the 7-8 cans of energy drink. As the Daily Mail reports, Dean would combine his typical bodybuilder fare with a McDonald’s meal for a snack and a pizza as an appetizer before his girlfriend’s dinner.

Dean’s efforts to change his diet completely after the first occurrence of the tumor included a complete reduction in sugars and all-natural remedies which helped his body become more alkaline.

The success of the diet led to a complete elimination of the cancer cells in his liver, only to prove that perhaps his unhealthy habits were the primary cause of cancer and its remission.

Dean had a family history of cancer, with his mother succumbing to it quickly after she was diagnosed. However, he could have prevented the same fate by being more conscious of his diet and lifestyle.

So, what could have contributed to his cancer?

The acidic levels in our body have been targeted as the main cause for the occurrence of cancer. And bearing in mind that most of the products that we take for granted contribute to a highly-acidic environment in our body, Dean attributed his cancer exactly to that.

Starting from the junk food he took to bolster his body mass, to the highly-acidic energy drinks to help him cope with the energy demands of his job, Dean caused a complete chaos in his body.

Energy drinks have an acidity of around PH 3, which is way below the healthy PH of above 7 found in water. In addition, the high amounts of sugar, which in the case of Dean surpassed the daily recommended dose by far, and the excessive intake of caffeine could all have contributed to his condition to become much worse.

High doses of sugar can, in fact, lead to liver damage, and studies have shown that it can be as damaging to the liver as alcohol, all of which took a turn for the worse in Dean’s case.

Although it can’t be said that any of the foods and beverages he took directly caused his cancer, it can be certainly said that many of the components in his diet could have indirectly affected his condition.

“I can’t say it was the diet for sure, but things like the energy drinks could be contributing factors. Red meats – all things we have found out have so many impurities in them now. I think it was a combination of it all,” Dean told MailOnline.

So, regardless of the fact that he had a family history of cancer, his lifestyle could be the top reason for the deterioration of his health and his untimely death.


It’s a fact that we neglect and poison our bodies to the point of no return. It only takes a little for the worst to happen after you put your body through that unnecessary and destructive way of life that many people choose to take for granted.


Source: Mail Online