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What Happens If You Drop 1,000 Pounds of Dry Ice in a Giant Pool?


You know those “do not do this at home videos”? Well this is something like that. These three guys are throwing dry ice into a poll just to watch and videotape what is going to happen.

Although the name itself tells you, let us say a few words about dry ice. Dry ice or as some people call it “cardice” is carbon dioxide frozen at-109.3 degrees Fahrenheit (-78.5 degrees C), at normal pressure or atmospheric pressure.

What’s the difference between dry ice and the regular kind of ice? You can guess it by the name. While regular ice turns into water, dry ice leaves nothing behind. Therefore dry ice is useful for cooling things which are sensitive to water.

Dry ice can be very dangerous in fact. It can cause frostbite at low temperatures and hypercapnia – which is serious increasing of the levels of carbon dioxide in the blood. Therefore when dry ice is used in closed areas, should be treated as toxic.

This is an explanation based on facts and science, but the men in this video are not doing any scientific experiments.

They are throwing 1000 pounds of dry ice into a pool, just for fun. They are entertaining themselves while creating an amazing smoking pool.

It’s maybe fun until the moment when they start throwing a new PS4 and Xbox into the pool. I really don’t understand what’s the point in that?

You’ll wanna watch the video and witness this craziness yourself. What do you think of this? Is it pointless destruction of number one electronics or what?