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Dwarf Kitty With A Big, Purrrfect, Fluffy Tail Is Taking Over The Internet


We live in a society that is constantly filled with negativity. Everywhere you turn, you see sadness, misery, disappointments, failures, and tragedies. It’s truly hard to be a part of this world today. However, lucky for us, one of the things that help us transcend from that state of mind and find our source of happiness are animals.

 These fluffy, adorable and loving creatures are an essential part of our lives.

That is why I believe that none of you out there could ever resist what I am about to show you.

This adorable dwarf kitten with a big, purrrfect and fluffy tail and short fuzzy legs goes by the name Bell. But Bell is unlike any other cat you’ve seen. You see, this cute feline has the biggest tail which pretty much resembles the tail of a squirrel. And that is because Bell is a very distinctive breed.

She is a Napoleon, also known as Minuet – which is the result of Munchkins and Persians. These adorable fluff balls are well known for their chubby, round faces, short legs, and fluffy fur. Another thing that makes them stand out is the fact that they can stand on two feet.

This cute and hilarious video off Bell meowing and strutting around is really taking over the internet. I mean, how could it not? Just look at how adorable that tiny little face is.


However, besides starring in short videos on her YouTube Channel, Bell is also a big Instagram star. She has her own Instagram account where she has over 140,000 of followers.  If you haven’t checked her profile but want to see more of her amazing exploits, make sure to head over to Instagram and follow her.

And if you have cat lovers in your life, don’t forget to share this adorable video with them so they can also appreciate Bell’s beauty.

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