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Easy ways to keep your home clean


I am afraid to tell you that you have to wait a little longer since you have another job to complete before choosing new curtains.

Prior to redecorating for this season, you should give a good spring cleaning to your home with a Shark Navigator. Not only see the new decor looks better, but you can also enjoy more comfortably in this beautiful time of year. Spring cleaning is not only good aesthetically, it is important that at least once a year deep cleanse your home, to keep it in top condition.

Put on latex gloves and follow these tips to make your spring cleaning a little easier.

  • Make sure you have all you needed cleaning. Buy new sponges, brushes, dusters and brooms if you need. Check cleaning products that already have at home and buy those already are to end. If you prefer a more natural cleaning, use products like vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice, with which you can clean almost any surface.
  • Make a plan. Make a detailed list of everything you have to clean the room. Then decide how long you want to give your spring cleaning, and assign certain rooms or jobs per day. Be reasonable with your plan, do not try to do more than you know you can accomplish. Write in your calendar when you will do each job and follow your plan.
  • Recruit helpers. If you have children old enough to help with summer cleaning, use them! Assign tasks to each and a prize for each task to make it fun. Even the youngest children can help with simple tasks, and maybe even enjoy it. Or you can buy robot vacuum for this purpose and save your time and nerves.
  • Keep things in place before cleaning. If your mail is lying around the kitchen and toys in the room, you cannot easily clean it. Be sure to keep everything in its proper place before cleaning.
  • Complete the easy tasks first, to give you the feeling that you can. There is nothing more gratifying to mark the tasks already completed your list, so start by the tasks more quickly, to give self-esteem.
  • Clean the room. You’ll feel better to see everything you need to do if you know that certain parts of the house like the kitchen or bathroom, and clean, except that you keep your cleaning more organized.
  • Follow the advice of other cleanings. Everyone has advice on how best to clean the stove or windows, or which product is best for the toilet. Listen to your friends to relatives in the above, and many will surely make your task easier. You can also search the internet for tips to make your cleaning more efficient.
  • Get rid of unnecessary things at once. Take two large boxes in the room with these cleansing, and as you work, throw all that junk in one you do not use but want to save to another. When finished cleaning, check the box with things you want to save and decide that you do with it, either donate them or save them in the attic.
  • Clean from top to bottom. What goes up must fall, so start cleaning the roof, since much of the fluff will fall to the ground as you cleaned. Clean the roof, walls, furniture, and finally the floor.
  • Make a daily cleaning plan. You worked for hours to your home is clean and bright, so try to keep it clean. Create a plan with daily tasks for your home is still seeing the magazine.
  • Give yourself a prize! After all that work you deserve a day at the spa or even a quiet night watching a movie in your home fresh and clean. More on shark navigator information.