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Effective Foot and Ankle Exercises


The whole body of a human being is able to stand because of the support provided by the feet and ankles. They help us in walking, jogging, running, kicking, jumping, etc. Even though being the most important part of the body, they are often neglected which results in poor growth of the leg muscles and instability. Having strong and flexible calves, feet and ankles lead to a healthy body as well as stability in movement. Strong feet and ankles help us in performing daily activities with ease. It minimizes the chances of getting affected by sprains and injury.

You can be physically fit but your legs might not be. It is very important to keep your legs strong and fit. If you are suffering from leg injury or if your daily life is limited due to certain leg conditions then it is high time to get rid of all the issues. The complex muscle and bone structure of your legs might puzzle you but you can overcome this complexity too. The feet and ankle control all the complex and non-complex activities of movement made by the body. Strong and flexible feet and ankles also help in getting rid of stiffness and pain. Advanced Foot & Ankle Institute of Georgia provides support and services for foot and ankle related problems.

You can make your calves, feet and ankle muscles strong by just concentrating more on your legs while exercising. If you don’t exercise then you should start as soon as possible. Exercising helps in building strong leg muscles. It helps in performing complex movements with ease. Exercise helps in strengthening of weak muscles, eliminating collapsed arches issues, stiffness, etc. When you work on your leg muscles, the smaller and bigger muscles react to the tension created by them. Regular leg exercise results in tightening of these muscles. Stretching of these muscles is also a great remedy to eliminate foot and ankle problems.

The poor mobility of the mid-foot, weak intrinsic muscles and posterior tibias can also be cured with the help of proper leg exercises. Next, we have mentioned and discussed some of the leg exercises which are helpful enough to make the feet and ankle muscles stronger than ever.

  1. Free Squats

Squats are an amazing exercise for the entire leg structure. It provides strength, support, flexibility and stability to the legs. Like most leg exercises squats to help in strengthening of the feet and ankle muscles. Free squats mean squats without adding any other weight. It is a free hand exercise. Do squats in 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions with a break of 20 seconds in-between each set.

  1. Toe and Ankle Movement Coordination

This is another effective exercise to develop strong leg muscles. It helps in stabilizing the body movement and controlling it. In standing position, lift one leg and rotate your toe in both anti-clockwise as well as clockwise direction. Do 2 sets for each leg with 10 repetitions each. Take a break of 10 seconds between each set.

  1. Foot Circles with Toes Flexed

This is a very easy and helpful exercise. Anyone can do it as you just have to lie down on your back, raise one leg, flex the toe and rotate it clockwise as well as anti-clockwise. Each rotation must be performed 5 times. Do 3 sets of 8 repetitions for each leg. Take a 10-second break after the completion of each set.

  1. Heel Raise

This is one very much effective exercise for the calves, feet, and ankles. Stand straight on the floor or on the edge of a stair. Raise your heels slowly to the point where your entire leg muscles get flexed. Hold this posture for 2 seconds and then slowly come back to the initial position. Practice this exercise daily. Do 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions with a break of 10 seconds between each set.