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Eight Sleeping Guide Tips for Couples


Your bed should be a place where you sleep, make love, or have a light chat. Our lives may be stressful and you may not have enough time to connect with your significant other because of bills, the kids and other stress factors.

And that’s why it’s so important for couples to make the most of every single moment they have together – no matter for how brief. So, what do the happiest couples do at bedtime to keep their connection strong and get a great night of quality sleep?

  1. Successful couples go to sleep together if possible

When we are in a relationship far too many us go to bed separately. Consequently, we are not able to establish a deeper connection in the evening, even though you have spent the whole day apart. On the other hand, happy couples tend to go to bed together in the evening and reconnect, even when it’s only about brushing their teeth for a few minutes together and slipping under the covers.

  1. They say ‘I love you’ before going to sleep

Take the trouble to let your partner know that you love him or her, no matter how exhausting your day was. And do try to pronounce these words with emotion instead of squeezing them out as a final grunt of the day.

  1. They make sure that they always get enough sleep

Compared to the usual advice – for example, having a bedtime kiss, having sex and telling each other ‘I love you’ – this tip may not sound very romantic. However, if you always make sure that you get enough sleep, you remain mentally stable and are therefore more emotionally available during the day.

Those who find it hard to fall asleep or wake up feeling drained or suffer from pains need to develop good sleep habits. And one way to do that is to invest in the right mattress – eight sleep mattress reviews is an excellent place to start in your quest to find the perfect bed for two.

  1. They switch off their cell phones and other electrical devices like the TV, smartphones or the tablet.

Living in a digitally connected world means for most couples that they have less and less time together in which to connect through conversation, affection or intimacy.

Set up some basic couple’s rules, such as no cell phones after 9 pm or no smart phones in bed. These rules restrict your activity with social media platforms while promoting the release of dopamine and also inhibiting the formation of oxytocin. Following these rules can help you as a couple feel connected to your significant other the entire next day.

  1. They take a few minutes to put voice to their gratitude.

Gratitude is known to have an incredibly positive influence on one’s mood and thoughts. At the end of the day, say to each other all of the things for which you are grateful despite any severe circumstances that may be plaguing your life.

This can be a feature of your partner that you appreciate or just a positive experience that you experienced that day.

  1. They take the time to talk about their day and tell each other how they are doing

The happiest couples regularly talk about everything they are stressing about, and they often allow their partner to help them release steam. This does not mean that you should dominate the whole evening with complaining, but just that you take 15 to 30 minutes to switch off and concentrate fully on your partner, showing him or her that you care for others interests and his or her experiences in his life.

  1. They do not let their children sleep in their bed

Your bedroom should be a retreat just for the two of you. Even if your kids would like to sleep in bed with you, if they have a nightmare or are sick, you should generally encourage them to sleep in their bed if you want to create more intimacy and connectivity. Couples need their privacy and boundaries to stay connected.

  1. They do not try to resolve disputes for which there is no easy solution

It may seem illogical, but do not try to resolve any quarrels before going to sleep. Have you ever heard of the saying: ‘Never go to bed in the middle of an argument?’ It is not very wise to deal with difficult issues at the end of the day, when both partners are tired and have no more patience, especially if they disagree.