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Either Love Me Or Leave Me Alone – I Am Tired Of Playing Games


I’m a woman who loves from the very bottom of her heart. I don’t settle, I don’t pretend and I’m certainly not the kind of girl who is up for playing games. When I love, I love entirely.

So, when it comes to love and relationships, I want it all in the open. Right there where I can see it. No games, no manipulation tactics, no pretending, no faking, no HALF-ASSED love.

It’s really that simple. You either want me in your life and you do your best to keep me, or you. It’s really not rocket science. It’s the way it’s supposed to be.

To me, love is sacred. It is a profound emotion, a high-frequency vibration that should be experienced fully. It is something that can only exist once we’re ready to give in completely. There’s no gray area in love.

This is exactly why I’m done forcing myself to accept bullshit. I’m constantly surrounded by people who are more than willing to throw their dreams and life away and settle for just about anything, only to feel safe and comfortable.

Well, I’ll be damned, but I’ll never condemn myself to that life.

As a matter of fact, I’m sick and tired of playing those manipulative, hard-to-get games.

I’ll never date someone just for the sake of it. I will never force myself to be a part of a certain relationship just because that is supposed to give me stability. I will never be with someone who doesn’t care about me.

TO HELL with childish games.

I want passion. I want fireworks. I want FREAKING ROCKETS!

If you don’t see yourself standing next to me in the long run, then, please… Don’t string me along.

Just leave and let me follow my dreams. Let me search for the things that make my soul flourish. Let me find the person I was destined to be with. Let me experience what true love really means. Let me be who I want to be.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, but if there’s one thing I learned it’s that life is too short to take it for granted. I have to be strong enough to keep searching for what I deserve. Because, when it’s right, I’ll know it.

When it’s finally right, I’ll feel it in my heart. Everything will progress naturally. I won’t have to force or beg anyone. I won’t have to wonder if the other person cares for me as much as I care for them.

So, hear me when I say. I’m not into hooking up. I’m not into hanging out. And I simply don’t do casual dating. What I want is LOVE. Real, all-consuming, sensual, everlasting, pure, naïve love.

I’ll stay alone for as long as I need to, I’ll roam this world if I need to, but I’ll never settle for something less than I want and deserve.

It’s pretty simple. There’s no gray area in love.

You either want me in your life, or you don’t. 

Either Love Me Or Leave Me Alone - I Am Tired Of Playing Games