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Elderly Couple Gets Arrested With 27kg Of Marijuana They Planned To Give As Christmas Presents


One elderly couple faces felony charges after the police have pulled them over in Nebraska and found that the unwrapped presents for Christmas that they wanted to give to their family and friends in Boston and Vermont were actually filled with 60 pounds of marijuana.

Patrick (80) and Barbara (83) Jiron from North California, were on their way to visit their family for the following holidays when a police officer pulled them over in York County, Nebraska.

The sheriff deputies caught a whiff of the strong marijuana scent and asked the driver about it only to be told that the smell was coming from illicit goods back in the truck.

Image source: https://goo.gl/F91KXo

When the deputies received a consent for the search, they looked around the Toyota Tacoma, and with country’s canine unit’s help – they discovered all the bud.

The couple told the Lieutenant Paul Vrbka that the marijuana was for Christmas presents. From the sheriff’s department said that the marijuana costs over $300,000.

The sheriff’s department said that Ms. Jiron was not arrested. Mr. Jiron, on the other hand, is charged with a felony for possessing marijuana with the intention of selling, and also for not having drug tax stamps. Nebraska’s law demands that marijuana dealers should buy drug tax stamps in order to prove that the state taxes were paid.

Moreover, marijuana is still not legal in Nebraska – neither for recreational nor for medical uses. There have been some attempts to legalize it for medical purposes only, but without any success.

An employee from the sheriff’s department said that Mr. Jiron was released from custody on Wednesday.

Image: York County Sheriff’s Department