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Emoji Meanings That You Should Know While Chatting


Emojis have become a source for conveying thoughts and feelings that you sometimes feel awkward to write in the chat. Besides, they are great for explaining things in short and visual ways. Earlier, people used to play around with a handful of emojis, but now there are more than 1500 emojis available on the devices. Apparently, you won’t know the emoji meaning of every emoji and, thus, won’t be able to use the right ones when needed. 

As emojis are the most common shorthand tools of the 21st century, you should know the meanings of at least some of them for communicating efficiently with your closed ones. In this article, we have explained the meanings of the most commonly used emojis that are sometimes difficult to understand. Knowing the emoji’s meanings will not only assist you to use them appropriately but also help you interpret other’s feelings. (1)

Top Used Emoji Meanings:

1. The smirking face emoji

Does anyone in your friend group make sarcastic comments or ambiguous jokes that are out of context or offending? Well, then you can use this smirking emoji in the texts and express your playful side. This emoji is used to communicate several feelings like self-confidence, cheeky humor, self-indulgence, and smugness.

2. The winking face emoji

A yellow face winking with its left eye is usually used to express a joke, flirtation, general positivity, or sometimes hidden meaning. It contains different tones based on the topic you are chatting on, such as ironic, affectionate, or suggestive. Moreover, it goes perfectly with pick-up lines that you send to your loved one. Make sure you don’t send it to a stranger as it can make the situation embarrassing for both of you.

3. Expressionless face emoji

A flat yellow face emoji with a closed mouth and eyes fits perfectly while conveying a sense of frustration or when you are out of words to express your irritation. You can use this emoji while chatting with your friends that keep on passing lame jokes or keep irritating you.

4. Blushing emoji

This emoji with a broad, closed smile leading to rosy red cheeks are often used to express warm, positive, and happy feelings. You can use this emoji while having a fruitful conversation with your colleagues, loved ones, or friends. This emoji not only exudes a friendly expression but also makes your chats more memorable.

5. Controlled smiling emoji

Ever wanted to say ‘screw you’ to your friends or express a sarcastic feeling? This emoji with a controlled smile will do the desired job for you. On the other hand, it means that you are satisfied with the person’s text and make them feel friendlier. So, make sure you use this emoji at the right time, or else you will deliver a wrong message.

6. Thinking face emoji

Do you have a habit of getting lost in deep thoughts? Then this thinking face emoji will help you express your thoughtful nature. You can use this emoji while having both formal and informal conversations. Adding a light bulb or a thought cloud with this emoji will also make your conversation more interesting.

7. Kissing face emojis

There are several kissing face emojis, so make sure you know their meanings. Because while having a conversation with your partner, if he sends these emojis, then you must understand what he is truly saying.

8. Kissing face with open eyes:

This emoji is casually used to send a kiss to another person. The neutral face with open eyes does not depict intimacy but rather a casual kiss to a friend or relative. This emoji is used while saying ‘Hello,’ ‘Goodbye,’ or ‘Thank you’ to your dear ones. It also stands for ‘duck face’ or ‘whistling.’

9. Kissing face with smiling eyes:

This relaxed face emoji with kissing lips and smiling eyes are used to send kisses to family members or close friends. You can also use it for whistling.

10. Kissing face with closed eyes:

If your partner uses this emoji while chatting with you, then yes there’s some love and romance going on between you. This cute face emoji with rosy cheeks and closed eyes depicts a thank you or virtual kiss to a dear one.

11. Rolling eyes emoji

Do you get caught in conversations where you feel bored or simply disapprove of what someone’s saying? During such times, you can use this rolling eyes emoji as it doesn’t let your negative emotion ruin the conversation and maintains your relationship with that person.

12. Zipped mouth emoji

You can use this emoji to tell someone to stop talking. Besides, you can use it to tease your friend into a gossip you promised you would not share with anyone else. This emoji commonly shows that your lips are sealed, and you won’t say anything to anyone.

13. Bliss face or relieved face emoji

This calm and peaceful emoji represents several feelings like happy, relaxed, comforted, grateful, or thankful. You can use this emoji when you are content and satisfied with the situation.

14. Naughty face emoji

This emoji with a tongue-out and winking smiley appears to be a little wacky. You can use it while being bizarrely funny or teasing your friends over some mischievous memories.

15. Upside down smiling face emoji

This emoji with a controlled smiley facing upside down makes a sarcastic expression more bitter and difficult to notice in some situations. It is also used while communicating silliness, humor, and irony. Sometimes it is used to depict a playful indication of frustration, awkwardness, bemused resignation, or ambivalence.

16. Wide-open mouth emoji

Aren’t you sure of what someone will think about your message? Use this emoji with a widened open mouth as it lessens the impact of thoughts that you are not sure about. You can use this with a text that explains your mistake or any other mischief.


Regardless of the plethora of other emojis, these are some of the commonly used ones. Even the slightest mistake in using them can put you in an awkward situation. So make sure you understand their meaning and use them at the right time while chatting.