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Encouraging Children To Develop A Love Of Books

Love Of Books

The more books a child has in their home, the smarter they’ll be as an adult, according to research. Reading is great for improving a child’s vocabulary, knowledge, and view of the world. However, a recent study of U.S. kids found that they’re reading for fun less frequently than ever before. As there are so many benefits associated with youngsters reading, it’s time to encourage kids to read more with these techniques.

Read out loud

Italian researchers recently reported that reading to 6 to 12-year-olds out loud made them more intelligent. Thinking skills, vocabulary, word reasoning, and comprehension were just some of the areas that the children in the study improved in. It’s great that children develop more skills when books are read out loud to them, but it’s also an effective way to get kids interested in books and reading. When a book is read aloud, it’s more interactive. Parents and children can explore new worlds together and the whole task becomes an adventure rather than a chore. Children can further develop their knowledge as reading aloud gives them the chance to ask what specific words or phrases mean.

Set a good example

Children copy what adults do. If they see their parents regularly on their phones, they’re likely to do the same. Almost one-quarter of adults recently told a Pew survey that they haven’t read a book in the last year. Getting a child to regularly pick up a book is more likely to happen when their parents set a good example and model good reading behavior. This could include making every Sunday morning a time for the whole family to read in bed. Parents should also consider taking a book and a kid’s comic with them wherever they go, so that downtime is filled with reading rather than technology.

Explore the library

Public libraries are great places to take kids at the weekend or after school. Libraries give children the chance to explore books they may never otherwise come across. Kids can read at libraries, choose books to borrow, meet other children, and chat with librarians about their reading interests. Many libraries hold regular activities for children too, so they’re a good place to go to pass a few hours.

Opt for books with familiarity

If a child is a reluctant reader, parents may be able to get them into reading by introducing familiar characters and themes to them. Introducing books based on the child’s favorite TV characters or movies is a good way to do this. Fans of the Harry Potter movies may not even realize that they originate from books, while younger readers will be pleased to see their favorite characters, such as My Little Pony or Mickey Mouse, in print form.

Getting children to frequently read is one of the best things a parent can do for their child. However, this can be easier said than done. Simply giving a child a book is unlikely to spark their interest, so these tried and tested methods should be used instead.