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This Is How The Energy Of The Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Mind, Body, And Soul


The lunar eclipse that is bound to happen tonight is one of rare quality, considering that it’s also going to be a blue moon (the 2nd full moon in the month), and a supermoon (being at its closest point to Earth).

So, there’s no doubt that the energy it will bring and the changes it will set into motion will be something we should all be aware of. The intensity of the energy that we will all experience is something you shouldn’t be too concerned about, though, as, like it or not, you won’t have a say in it.

This shift is going to be one that both challenges your perceptions and enlightens a part of your life that has remained overlooked or hidden for a long time. It’s a time of abrupt changes and turbulence that will inevitably cause bouts of anxiety and uncertainty.

However, this change is something we should all be looking forward to, considering that the energy from a lunar eclipse is more of a blessing than anything else. While the lunar eclipse will inevitably confront you with your shadow self, there is too much to learn from that part which is generally hidden from our self-perception.

Your confrontation with your shadow self is something that will make you reconnect and let go. You might come across a series of events that may seem like an avalanche and which will inevitably cause major changes in your life – but it’s all for a greater good.

Eclipses are known to be forces that lead us to take action, and you will feel this in the period surrounding the eclipse, especially during the week that follows the eclipse. However, bearing in mind that there is so much about ourselves we tend to fight against, taking impulsive decisions won’t do any good.

It’s best that you simply sit down and put the seatbelt because you aren’t getting the steering wheel during this energetic shift. In this time, you will be both discouraged from and inspired to take steps that might change your life for the better, but it’s best that you simply let the period pass and gain as much insight as you can before doing anything.

The time of action is at its ripest when the energies from the lunar eclipse have settled down and your soul has processed all the information it needed.

Regarding your emotional state, these shifts may make you feel anxious and even depressed, bearing in mind that you will be facing struggles that you’ve been tossing to your shadow self for keeping.

These may be old wounds, struggles which you may have ‘resolved’ the easy way, and ideas to which you seem to be clinging on and you will be put to the challenge of facing them.

However, this is a very healthy thing to do, and the opportunity to turn your focus inwardly and let the storm take you to the place where you left off is something you shouldn’t miss.

If, however, you’re feeling overwhelmed, some meditation, exercise, or whatever makes you feel centered and focused, will do miracles during this period.

If you know how to set your focus to the energies that are going to prevail this period and let them fully energize your body with their message, expect answers and insights to things that have long remained hidden from your perception.

Whatever you do, though, know that the energy that this event brings will leave you speechless. Enjoy the ride and don’t fight whatever the Universe is offering. It’s very important to let go of your vanity and be ready to jump out of your comfort zone only when the energies settle.

Some of you may have started feeling the energy of the eclipse already. Share your experience if you’re one of them!