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Enough Is Enough – I’m Done Waiting


I’m done waiting for you to respond to my messages and answer my calls. I’ll no longer stare at my phone hoping to see your name pop up on the screen. I’ll no longer rack my brains trying to figure out why you haven’t texted me back yet even though many days have passed.

I’ll no longer allow my thoughts of you to keep me distracted and prevent me from focusing on my happiness, needs, desires, and priorities.

I’m done making you the center of my world. I’ll no longer rearrange my priorities so as to fit myself into your “busy” schedule. I’ll no longer compete with your friends for your time and attention. I’ll no longer forgive you for your mistakes and allow you to hurt my feelings.

I’m done wondering where I stand with you. I’m tired of you treating our relationship like it’s nothing. I’m tired of playing your little mind games.

I’m done waiting for you to choose me. I’m tired of waiting for you to make me your priority and show me that I mean to you as much as you mean to me.

I’m done chasing after you and waiting for you to commit to me.

I’ll no longer allow you to manipulate me and play with my feelings. I’ll no longer let you take advantage of me, my kindness, and my love for you.

I’m done wearing my heart on my sleeve. I’m sick and tired of giving you all of me and receiving only crumbs of your love.

I’m done letting you treat me like an option. A toy. A favorite pastime.

I’m done sacrificing my own happiness, needs, and priorities so as to make you feel happy and fulfilled. I’ll no longer put your feelings, needs, and desires first. It’s time I started taking care of myself.

I’m done tearing myself into pieces so as to keep you complete.

I waited for too long for you to hear my voice when I called your name; to touch me when I needed to feel your warmth; to stop treating me like I was a ghost. But I won’t wait anymore.

I’m done allowing myself to be taken for granted.

I’m done waiting for you to be the person I always thought you were. When I met you, you were sweet, kind, compassionate, and loving, but as soon as you lured me into your trap, you revealed your true colors.

You showed that you are actually selfish, inconsiderate, immature, and emotionally unavailable. I can no longer recognize you and I will no longer put up with your bullsh*t.

I’m done being naïve and believing your lame excuses, blatant lies, and false promises. I’m done falling for your compliments, sweet words, and charm.

I’m done giving you a thousand chances. And there’s nothing you can do that could change my mind.

I’m done letting you weaken my confidence. I’ll no longer allow you to make me feel like I’m dumb, unimportant, or “overly emotional” and “too dramatic,” as you often called me. I will no longer allow you to make me doubt my self-worth.

I’ll no longer allow you to shift the blame onto me for your own mistakes and wrongdoings. I’m done being your scapegoat. Your doormat.

I’m done fighting for you. I’m done waiting for you to notice me and pay attention to me. I’m tired of waiting for you to treat me like I deserve.

I’m done waiting for you to realize my worth. I’m done waiting for you to see my kindness, generosity, strength, and the purity of my love. I’ll no longer wait for you to reach the deepest parts of my soul and see what I carry in my heart.

I’m done hoping that you love me. That your heart melts and you start seeing me the way I used to see you – with eyes full of warmth, love, and passion.

I’m done fantasizing about our future. About us.

I’ve had it enough. I’m done. I’m letting go of you. And this time for real.