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All You Need To Know About THE ESSENCE OF MEDITATION Is Here


What is meditation?

Living in an Age where the human mind continuously deepens itself and evolves so it can keep up with the higher frequencies of the Soul’s energy within the human body, there is evident necessity to help the one to understand better this beautiful process of waking up – the process of Awaking of the Soul.

In today’s hectic world people never have time to enjoy, to breath. People have actually forget how to breath, because they have complicated their lives so much, that they forgot how to enjoy it, humanity has forgotten all about the beauty of simplicity.

People are being ruled by their mind and their inner Light has stopped shining, so they’ve stopped seeing and feeling their own essence, the staff they are made of. But one should remember that the mind is only an organ, a living part of the physical body that is mortal and perishable.

It is only a tool given to the Soul, which is immortal and imperishable, so we could recognize and accomplish something higher than just glorifying our own Ego. And this “else” that we must recognize once again is the thing that exists beyond the mind, called consciousness.

We must try to understand that the whole point of living is to recognize this consciousness, then analyze it, then open it and evolve it by using the Wisdom we have gained through the analysis and only then expand it as far as we are ready to go!

If we can acknowledge the existence of a consciousness that is ours, but not ours only, we shall find the reason “why” are we experiencing life! There is a beautiful way to do this, to see, feel and learn beyond the mind and your physical body, a way to acknowledge this vast consciousness that is you and a part of something bigger than you and this way is called Meditation.

Meditation cleans the ordinary human mind, it takes down all the masks of illusion and gives us a chance to remember who we really are! And literally meditation is a way of re-membering, meaning that once again all the parts of our Self shall become members of the One Source.

And the result of the whole process of meditation is Enlightenment, which actually is shading Light all over the darkness we alone have made by our own ignorance. Meditation thus is a process, a way of living, a Teaching.

It is not, and never was a Religion, or some kind of belief system. It is simple suggestion how one can live his own life in a state of pure inner peace, nothing more and nothing less.

As a process meditation is threefold which starts with learning the Teachings, than one comes to the level where he must now understand what he was thought and the last stage is where one implements the understanding of the Teachings in his everyday life, which is the practical part.

Most of the people have the opinion that meditation is just this last, practical part, when one sits down, or lays down and forgets the daily stress. No, that’s relaxing, sleeping. Meditation it not relaxing, it is a fully conscious way of living, it’s being wade awake!

A person who meditates is someone seeking the Light within, someone who seeks the Wisdom that shall lead him towards the Highest Truth about himself. And this Truth is that we are all One, we have never been apart, only our mind has made that delusion. Meditation is that state of consciousness in which we proceed to live, once we attain the “natural state of the mind”.

And the natural state of the mind is a state where one has no more dark clouds in his Sky, when his own Sun is shining wide and bright. This is a state of inner sunshine when one is connected with the Universal Infinite Intelligence.

By practicing meditation we learn to understand who we are, what we are, and most of all meditation helps us to find our own way so we can reconnect to the One Source.

Thus, when we are in a meditative state we reconnect with the Heavens, which is our absolute reality and with Mother Earth which is our relative reality. Expressed philosophically, the Teachings that are passed during the process of meditation are composed of all the positive sides of the essence of all Religions, but it surpasses all their doctrines.

Thus meditation is not some religion, nor a doctrine. It is way of becoming a Spiritual Being in human form and one cannot be spiritual if he is enslaved by a doctrine, by a book that someone else wrote and said that he must obey the writings in that particular book and not his own intelligence and understandings.

So meditation shows you how you can find your own way back Home! In meditation there is no rejection, no acceptance, no hope, no fear, it is complete letting go of all that hinders the Soul.  

And although almost everyone thinks the opposite, meditation is unstoppable training of one’s mind into the natural state of the mind, without any kind of forcing. For the final aim of meditation is attaining a connection made by pure Unconditional Love between the Universe, the person who meditates and Mother Earth.

So by all said above, you should understand that being a spiritual person who is connected with the One Source, is not an exclusive right to the Saints, or the Spiritual Teachers or to some “chosen” religious Fathers. We are all equally capable and deserving to be rejoined with the One Source and to become the Light!

Meditation is a way to help you become a human being in its highest form!