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This Is To Every Exhausted Mom Out There, You Are Enough


Being a mother is one of the most grateful and amazing jobs (if we can call it a job) in the world. It’s rather an experience that can bring the greatest joy one can imagine. But, this joy often comes with the price of exhaustion and this is a real issue mothers are silently facing.

Parents know that for every innocent smile you get, there is at least one scary challenge accompanying it. And there are also the other household tasks and professional life, which can be overwhelming for parents. They say that you only remember the sweet moments of life after some time, but the numerous challenges that parenthood brings are difficult to face in the present and no parent is spared.

Motherhood is a privilege. It is also a selfless sacrifice in many ways and more people need to talk about this. One mother made a public step forward regarding this question. She recently reached a wide audience with a simple post about motherhood.

Bethany Jacobs used social media to reach mothers everywhere and tell them that they are not alone, although they might feel like it. The post became popular for a powerful reason. It showed all mothers that it is okay to make a break and feel down because of everything else they sacrifice and all the effort they put into being a good mother. The post also represents hope for all the future mothers, showing the way the selfless sacrifice all mothers makes everything worth it. Being totally open and direct, Bethany’s words touched many fathers around the world, who showed their support and encouragement for their wives and all mothers everywhere.

James Brooks, father of 2 girls, commented on Bethany’s post, saying that his wife has felt the same way, but that didn’t make her look bad in front of their children.

Crystal Boyko also showed his support for mothers everywhere, telling them they are enough because they are doing a tremendous job and only loving their babies is enough.

Bethany’s post united parents from USA and beyond. The message that she sent started with three words “You are enough”. In the post, she salutes all the moms who are hiding in the bathroom in order to find peace just for a short time, often crying. Many mothers who read the post recognized themselves in these sentences.

Bethany continues to explain that moms know how it is to sit in the car alone in order to eat. Indeed, people don’t realize how judgmental they can be and how negatively that can affect the other person.

Mothers know that whenever they yell at their children, they feel worse afterwards and this feeling can develop into something more with time. It can grow into feeling of unworthiness. If we all know this, we will understand why the world might seem too much to handle sometimes.

All moms who have felt lonely and depressed will understand this post and remind themselves about these words whenever they feel down because they “failed at something”.

But all moms have to realize that it’s okay to fail sometimes. It’s okay to order pizza over and over again instead of cooking dinner. They are enough, they are important, they are worthy.

As Bethany writes, this is just a phase and it will end, no matter how hard, challenging and crazy it is. Because it will be worth it in the end.

Continue to do your best because your children think of you as someone perfect and they know that you are more than enough. For them, you are the strongest and you can conquer the world. For them, you are more than enough.

“You. Are. Amazing.”

Read Bethany’s post here.