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Every Person That Comes Into Our Life Is There For A Reason: Some Are A Blessing, Others Are A Lesson


Every single human being that enters our lives is here on a mission. Some of you who have been through many painful experiences and traumas in life may not believe this, but it is the truth. If you find it hard to understand this, just stop for a second and look back at your life.

Everything is connected, right? What you have now wouldn’t be here in the first place if none of those people came into your life or none of those situations happened to you. What you are today is a result of everything that you’ve been through.

And even though it is hard to accept the fact that some of the people who did you wrong and hurt you in the worst possible ways were all an essential part of your journey, that is the truth. We don’t meet people by accident. Everyone who crosses our path has a purpose for being right here and right now.

Here are 5 cosmic reasons why people come into our lives:

1. hey are sent to unconditionally love us. Some people enter our lives and just like that they fall madly in love with us. They see past our flaws; they accept our imperfections and they adore us just the way we are. Sometimes they stay forever, sometimes they are here for a very short period of our lives and sometimes they stay just enough time to help us learn our lessons. Regardless of how long they are here, their love is pure and unconditional.

2. hey are sent to help us grow. Some come into our lives and help us reach our goals. They stay long enough to make sure we are strong enough to keep following our journey. They motivate us to never give up, no matter how hard it is. They remind us to always be authentic no matter how much others might find that strange. Most importantly they give us the strength to start working on ourselves.

3. hey are sent to awaken us and change us. Some of the people we meet while we are here are sent to give us that necessary nudge in life when we are too busy enjoying our comfort zones. There are times in life when we fall into an autopilot mode. We are unhappy, but we are too afraid to make a change because it might cost us our lives. At that time, the universe sends us people who help us make that initial move and change our life for the better.

4. hey are sent to remind us of certain things in life. Sometimes certain people are there for us only to remind us of things that we’ve somehow forgotten. They come into our lives and make sure to remind us why we’ve chosen that path in life and what our dreams always were. These people are like our guardian angels. Always watching our steps, always holding our hands.

5. hey are sent to stay by our side forever. Lastly, some of the people we meet are sent to stay with us until eternity. These souls come into our lives when we least expect them and completely change our life. They have a big impact on us and our journey. Whether it’s a best friend, a partner, a colleague, a certain family member, the minute they enter our world, we can feel it in our heart that they have always been destined to find us and become a crucial part of our life. And so, they stay. They stay to love us, inspire us, teach us and guide us.