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This Is How Every Zodiac Sign Manages Their Anger


We’ve all been guilty of losing our temper from time to time. However, the way we choose to deal with our anger say a lot about us as individuals.

This is also true about Zodiac signs. Each sign has a specific way of dealing with their anger. Find in the text below how every sign expresses and manages their anger.


Aries is a fire sign and that says it all. They can erupt like a volcano and set you ablaze if you anger them. Often, others feel like they have to be really careful around an Aries so as not to cross them because no one wants to be around when an Aries loses its temper. Aries can easily ‘burn’ others with their words only. With an Aries, there is no middle ground. Their emotions are always high, and they usually get the best of them.


Even though it is not easy for Taurus to get mad, when they get mad they will give you the silent treatment and distance themselves from you. They don’t show their emotions, and when someone hurts them they won’t show their anger, but they will hold the grudge inside them. If you want to know whether they are angry or not, you have to ask them because they have a lot of pride and don’t open up easily to others.


Geminis are not known for their bad temper. However, if you manage to anger them – they will definitely let you know. A Gemini will most likely be passive-aggressive with you if they are mad at you. And, you will have to approach them first if you want a reconciliation because Gemini tends to just write off those that wronged them.


Being a water sign, a Cancer is extremely caring and sensitive. These qualities of their personality make them easily wounded and hurt. When a Cancer is angry, they will hide inside their shell and hide their feelings of anger and hurt. So, if you want to reconcile with them you have to really chase them only to give you a response.


As a fire sign, Leo’s got quite the hot temper. But, they forget all about their anger just as fast as they got angry over it because they have an attention span of a kid. They can be mad one minute about something you did and then the next minute you can see them admiring and chasing after a beautiful butterfly they noticed behind you. Leo is able to manage their anger well and not allow it to damage their zest for life.   


Virgo is one of the calmest signs of the Zodiac, so they don’t anger easily. They are very logical and analytical when it comes to approaching their emotions and they don’t allow their emotions to get the best of them. Moreover, a Virgo will not show their emotions and they hide their feelings because they don’t want to be perceived as a burden to others.


Libra is known to be the peacekeeper of all Zodiac. So, they will try to keep their calm and won’t let the negative emotions to overrule them. They would rather just distance themselves from the subject of their anger, but this leads to bottled up feelings. They hold grudges, so don’t be surprised when they use all your past mistakes against you in an argument.  


Scorpio can get hot-headed very quickly and easily, but instead of showing their anger, they will start plotting a revenge in their head because no one can toy with a Scorpio’s heart and get out of it alive. If you want to make amends with a Scorpio, you have to wait for them to cool off before you try to approach them again.


Being a fire sign, a Sagittarius will definitely put you in your place if you anger them in some way. They are not capable of controlling their emotions well, so they tend to express them as strongly and as much as possible. When they are mad they are likely to explode and bowl over everyone who gets in their way.


Capricorn is an Earth sign and they are not prone to become angered easily. But, they tent to hide and bottle up their feelings which can lead to an explosion later on. They get frustrated easily over small things, but they don’t show their frustration because they don’t want to be perceived as being childish.


Aquarius don’t mind debating, but they hate conflicts especially when they have to argue passionately about something. They can’t stand being around someone who is mad at them, so they would rather just walk away. They like to keep their composition intact, so they will avoid rather than dealing with the problem and their anger.


Emotions run deep in this water sign. So, their anger can really get them off balance and even hurt them, but they won’t show it under any circumstances. They will instead deal with their anger in the comfort of their home, and will only talk to you when they are feeling calmed down a little. They also hold grudges, but if you are someone who is special to them, they will try to get over it and work things out.

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