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Everyone Called Them Weird And Disgusting, But They Just Celebrated Their 29th Anniversary


Maryanne and Tommy are two amazing people who fell in love and said YES to spending their lives together. But there is something about these lovebirds that makes their fairytale a bit different from others.

Both Maryanne and Tommy are born with Down syndrome. So, you can only imagine how ugly they’ve been treated throughout their lives by strangers and people who don’t know any better. Still, they didn’t let critics, naysayers, and skeptics bring them down.

Instead, they proved that love is indeed stronger than everything else.  

And this year they celebrated their 29th anniversary!

This beautiful and amazing couple first met in 1990 and they immediately connected. It somehow seems as though fate brought these two lovebirds together because their first encounter was at a local training center for people with disabilities. Both Maryanne and Tommy shared the same passion for cooking, and so it became instantly obvious that they are made for each other.

They got together and they dated for 18 months before Tommy finally proposed to her. Both Tommy’s and Maryanne’s parents wanted their engagement to last a bit longer in order for them to meet each other. And so, after 5 years they happily got married and possibly became the first couple of this kind. Shortly after that, they moved together independently into their own house next to Maryanne’s family where they live ever since.

Some of their relatives were a bit nervous about their relationship and their lives at first, but these two proved everyone that when love is pure and genuine, nothing can stand in the way.

In fact, some people had a lot of empty, and short sided comments about their love story that some even said that their wedding was disgusting. Can you imagine that?

Still, regardless of their ugly words and attempts to bully them, these two amazing human beings showed them that they don’t care what others have to say as long as they have each other.

I am genuinely speechless. I don’t know about you, but this story has just made my day a whole lot better. This is truly a connection that was meant to last a lifetime. An inspiring story that leaves no one indifferent. And it should be celebrated for years and years to come.

Please share this beautiful story with your loved ones and let the naysayers know that true love always wins!