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Everything You Need To Know About LUCKY NUMBER 7 Is Here :



Throughout the ages, through all the doctrins of the existing belief systems and the Scriptures that were left for Humanity to learn from, we encouter similarities that (if understood correctly) very plainly show us that there is One Source of Knowledge that we learn from and can be applied in very different ways.

Such source of incredible knowledge is the Sevenfold  Kundalini Chakra System (as described in the Hindu tradition) and it has very interesting connection to the number 7 and all our human characteristics that we possess.

First of all one must understand that ALL is ENERGY and energy is the CREATOR of all. And since we, as Humans are included in this ALL we are also enegy. Now, if Energy IS the Creator which is never created, but creates all, it can neighter be created or destroyed, we can say that this Energy is always transformened from one state to other.

So by analogy, all the energy that we are contained in the form od a human being  is always transformed, and this is done by our everyday experiences that we go through. To understand “how” this transformation is being  done, one can picture the human body as a sevenfold battery that needs charging on daily bases, and here is when the knowledge and the implementation of the Sevenfold Chakra system comes in turn.

As pointed in all the scriptures that do explain the chakra systems in all our bodies, this Sevenfold Chakra system contains 7 large energetic centers through which we are connected with all our Selves, the Universe and Mother Earth. Through the activities and maintanance of this seven large energetic centers all our experiences and all our characteristics are being created.

Here is a chart where one can see how everythig can be classified in seven groups and each number and chakra has its own characteristic and connection to everything else.

Number Chakra Sin/ Vice Characteristics of a blocked chakra Virtues
1 root ch. wrath Ressistance, obstinance patience
2 sacral ch. gluttony carelessness temperance
3 solar plexus ch. greed Deception, injustice charity
4 hearth ch. envy Infamy, ingratitude kindness
5 throat ch. sloth Unwilligness, untruthfulness diligence
6 brow ch. lust Living in illusion chastity
7 crown ch pride Hypocrisity humility


In the Christian literature there are also mentioned 7 deadly “sins”, which actually are missuse od the coresponding energy center or chakra, which as a consequence creates a living Hell for the person who gives “birth” to them. There are also 7 virtues that are the antidotes  to the 7 vices or “sins”. They are:

There are also 7 days of the week, 7 planets, 7 human senses and 7 elements which correspond to each chakra:

Chakra Planet Day Sense Element
Root ch. Mars Tuesday Smell Earth
Sacral ch. Moon Monday Taste Water
Solar plexus ch. Sun Sunday Sight Fire
Heart ch. Venus Friday Touch Air
Throat ch. Saturn Saturday Hear and talk Ether
Brow ch. Mercury Wednesday Thought AEther
Crown ch. Jupiter Thursday Consciousness Light

I hope you’ve enjoyed traveling through all this amazing connections and universal schemes and all this shall help you get a glipse of the “why” in your own life experiences.